Turn A Mattress Into a Couch: Give to your Old Mattress a New Life!

Changing furniture to a new one can be a refresher but unfortunately, it’s expensive to do so. This is why we have found a creative way to turn a mattress into a couch and save money.

You will need a few tools, some extra fabric, and an old mattress to reshape it into a couch with the supplies you can easily find at home. Read the step-by-step guide to learn how to cut the springs, repurpose mattresses, and sew them back into a beautiful couch for your seating area!

Let’s get started!

A Quick Answer On How To Turn A Mattress Into A Sofa

Step-by-Step Guide to Transforming an Old Mattress into a Sofa or Sofa Cushions:

  1. Cut the mattress in half to make two sofa cushions.
  2. Fold the original upholstery over the open edges and sew it shut.
  3. Measure and cut new material for the covers.
  4. Use your sewing skills for the covers to fit the cushions.
  5. Fit the covers onto the cushions and enjoy your new sofa or cushions!

Turn a Mattress Into a Couch: Step-by-step Guide

You can re-purpose your mattress and make it into a couch. Below we have listed the steps to build the couch and before that the pre-prep activities that you need to do. Let’s go ahead.

Turn a Mattress Into a Couch Step-by-step Guide

Preparing For The Process

Getting ready to transform the mattress into a sofa/couch needs sorting out tools and materials that will be required for the DIY project. You will have to clean it before starting to reshape it. This is an important step to remove any bad odors, stains, or pests (such as bed bugs) from the mattress. Here is how you do it!

Note: Thoroughly washing the mattress and leaving it in the sun can get rid of the bed bugs.

1. Clean your mattress

Cleaning a mattress is important for maintaining a healthy environment at your home. Removing dust, allergens, and bacteria from the mattress helps ensure that you are breathing in clean air while you use it.

Clean your mattress

You can read a detailed guide on How To Clean A Mattress in the mentioned article.

 You will need

Gather the following tools to use in the process:

  • Sewing machine
  • Straight pins
  • Staple gun
  • Hand saw
  • Scissors
  • Dremel tool with fiberglass reinforced cutting wheel attachment
  • Pliers

  • Thimble
  • Bee’s wax (to wax the thread)
  • Hand clamps
  • Eye and hand protection gear (to avoid metal shrapnel during cutting)
  • Fabric
  • Thread for upholstery

1. Cutting Through the Box Springs

The initial step is cutting the box springs and to do that you need to use the tools very carefully as you may injure your hands.

You need to take measurements, unwrap the mattress fabric, and then start to cut around the springs according to the space you have for the couch. Follow the easy steps to accomplish this task!

Cutting Through the Box Springs

Step 1: Calculate the size of the sitting area

Measure the size of the area where the mattress will be used as a couch. Cut the appropriate-sized springs to fit the area.

Step 2: Cut through the outer covering and padding

Unzip the outer covering of the mattress and carefully remove the padding.

Step 3: Cut springs

Use a saw to cut through the springs of the mattress. It may be helpful to use a jigsaw or a reciprocating saw here.

Step 4: Cut wood and make a frame

You need to cut pieces of wooden planks that will make the frame and provide support. The wooden pieces must be of the same size as the springs.

Step 5: Close the ends

Secure the edges of the springs and the frame by drilling screws into the corners. Seal the sides with tape or glue to make sure everything is secured properly.

2. Cutting Through the Mattress

Make sure to wear safety gear to avoid any mishaps during the cutting process. Use the right tools to easily cut through the springs and mattress fabric to shape it into the desired spacing. An L-shaped design is usually the best one but you can be extra creative!

Cutting Through the Mattress

Check these simple steps to cut the old mattress (or good as a new mattress):

Step 1: Uncover the old mattress

Remove the outer covering and padding of the mattress. Now using a pen or fabric chalk, mark the shape to help you cut it according to the right measurements.

Step 2: Сut it according to the size

Use any kind of saw to cut through the thick fabric of the bed mattress. An alternative to a saw can be reliable scissors to cut the fabric. Mark the design/shape to make it easier for you to follow an outline while cutting.

Caution: Make sure that the circular saw has a protective guard on the blade and wear cut-resistant gloves while using it.

Step 3: Sewing the ends into a straight stitch

Sew the ends of the mattress together with a sewing machine. Have another person help you hold the ends and the seam as you stitch them for better support.

Fold the seam over for a more finished look. Now you have joined the two halves of the mattress into a single piece of padding to be cut later.

3. Sewing the New Cover

Once you have cut the metal springs, resized the fabric and memory foam according to the desired design of the couch. You now need to cover and secure the fabric back into a single piece using a needle and thread. Add those finishing touches and then start building your couch now.

Sewing the New Cover

Here are some steps to help you easily build it into the final product!

Step 1: Measure and cut panels for the couch

Before sewing the cover, you need to cut panels to fit inside the cover. Make use of the leftover bed mattress for this purpose. Use straight pins to connect the coverings you have prepared. Cut according to the outline of the coverings but leave an excess of 1/2 inch fabric of the cover for overlapping.

Pro Tip: Even out the foam edges with the Dremel tool for smooth finishing.

Step 2: Slip the cover over the mattress pieces

Once you have cut the panels of the same size, smooth out any edges of the mattress panels you have cut. Be sure to remeasure the panel and covering for a perfect fit.

Step 3: Sewing the Ends using a sewing machine or needle

After the panels fit you need to sew the ends and secure them. This will create amazing and perfectly sized panels for the couch. A sewing machine will make the stitching much easier

Step 4: Measure and cut foam panels for the box springs

This step is to prepare panels for the box springs found in spring mattresses.

  • Use old mattresses’ leftover pieces.
  • Now measure and cut down the foam panels for the box springs.
  • Lay down a large enough mattress piece on the box spring and secure it using hand clamps.
  • Mark the pattern for cutting on it and use a handsaw or other suitable tool to cut the bed mattress.

Note: This site helps make the foam and padding for the panels of the couch/sofa.

Step 5: Securing the mattress over the box springs

Use a staple gun to easily secure the ends on top of the spring panels. This will create a cushion base. You may now cover it with your favorite fabric and secure it either using the staple gun or sewing it on the mattress panels.

You can also view the process on a video before we get into the nitty-gritty details.

Can You Turn an Old Mattress Into a Sofa Without a Frame?

You can use the same steps as mentioned above, but instead of cutting wood to provide additional strength, you:

  1. Can use cushions and pillows to fill the gaps and prop up the sides.
  2. May use furniture straps or bungee cords to hold the mattress in place and make sure it is properly secured.
  3. You may also need to purchase more fabric or material to cover the mattress if your original cover has worn down.


How to use a mattress as a couch?

To use a mattress as a couch, build a wooden frame for back support and legs then place the mattress on it. Also, place pillows or cushions for comfort.

How do you use a queen mattress as a couch?

Push the mattress against the back wall to provide robustness and set it in an L-shape setting. You will need tools to work on the box springs and make them into a couch. Put pillows and blankets as a cover to give it a beautiful finish.

How can I reuse an old mattress?

Measure the space, put markings on the box springs for cutting, recheck the measurements, now cut the mattress, and put it against the wall. Add some extra pillows for support and shape. Now, select a bedsheet and put it over the structure to make it into a sofa.


Making use of old mattresses is a creative way to build new furniture for your room. You can make a couch from the mattress for power naps between work or for a guest bedroom among many other uses.

The only complicated task in the whole process is sewing or cutting the thin fabric for coverings or cutting the metal spring. The rest of the task involves taking accurate measurements and turning the mattress into new furniture.

Did you find the guide helpful? How are you planning to transform your old mattress? Let us know in the comments section.

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