How to Move a Mattress: Tips and Guidelines

how to move a mattress

You’ve probably tried to move a mattress before. Mattresses are heavy, awkward, and difficult to move. How to move a mattress easily without causing you headaches? We can help. These moving tips and guidelines will help you keep your mattress clean and easily move it from one place to another. Although it may seem complicated, knowing how to move a mattress properly will make it simple.

Before you Move a Mattress

Do You Need to Evaluate Your Mattress?


Be sure to assess the age of your mattress before you begin to clean, wrap and move it. You might consider replacing your mattress if it is between 7-10 years old, sagging, or it is uncomfortably. Moving is the perfect time to choose a new mattress if you need one, but don’t leave an excellent mattress. When you the following steps, take it with you. It’s not difficult to learn how to move a mattress.

Consider the Size of Your Mattress


Once you have determined the size of your mattress, you can begin to think about the best vehicle to move a mattress. If possible, avoid folding your mattress. Instead, choose a vehicle large enough to allow the mattress to lay flat. Keep in mind that standard king-size mattresses (not split) can only be moved inside moving trucks.

The best vehicle to safely move a mattress is a DIY moving truck. You can fit almost any mattress in the back of a DIY moving truck if you have one. Make sure that nothing is too heavy on top of your mattress. Don’t panic if you don’t have a truck. There are still options.

A van is the next best vehicle for moving a mattress. How do you move a mattress in your van? You can simply remove the seats or fold them down and then slide the mattress into the van.

A pickup truck is another good option for moving a mattress. A pickup truck can accommodate most queen-size, twin-sized, or double-sized mattresses. Although this leaves your mattress exposed to different elements, it will be safe if you appropriately wrap and secure your mattress.

You might be asking yourself, “But how do I move a mattress without a truck or van?”. This is where it gets tricky. You can also load the mattress on top of your vehicle if it is too large. This is not something we recommend. Many things could go wrong when you transport a mattress this way, from damage to the mattress to another vehicle being damaged, or even an accident. Although it is possible to move this way, it is not worth the risk.

Ask friends to help you move the mattress


Mattresses are heavy and can be challenging to move. The secret to moving a mattress without breaking your back is in the people. Two weeks before your move, get at least one friend to help you. Please make sure you have food and drinks for him. This action can be turned into a pre-housewarming celebration or mini-celebration to help you relax after a hard day.

Purchase Equipment to Move a Mattress

The most simple task can be difficult without the right tools. Professional movers use special equipment when moving a mattress. Before moving your mattress, make sure to grab the following items: waterproof mattress bag or cover, sandwich bags, moving straps, screwdriver, wrench, Allen key, tape, blankets for moving.

Mattress bag


Using mattress bags is the best way to cover your mattress from dust and dirt when you transport your mattress. First, place your mattress sideways on the bag. Place the mattress on its side and then insert it into the mattress bag. If your mattress bag has a zipper, you don’t need to tape it. You can still fold the edges of the mattress bag and attach it to the wall. Packing tape can be used to secure the mattress in the bag.

Sandwich bag


You can easily find such a package in your kitchen. It is very convenient to save small parts in it so that they are not lost during transportation.


Moving straps

moving-strapsMoving straps can make it easier for you to move your bed from one place to another. Any hardware store sells them. To make it easier to secure items moving straps are available with hooks and buckles. If you don’t have enough time to buy them, you can use rope if your skills at knotting are excellent.


Screwdriver, wrench,
Allen key

Screwdriver,-wrench,-Allen-keyWhen preparing to transport the bed, pay attention to the fact that to disassemble and assemble the bed, you will need some tools such as a screwdriver, wrench, Allen key. They can be purchased at any hardware store.


Tape and bubble wrap


Bubble wrap adds an extra layer to protect your mattress. Wrap it around a mattress that is upright and leaned against a wall. Also, you will need to use tape and scissors.



How to Move a Mattress?

Now is the right time to mattress moving. If you follow these steps, it will be easy to move your mattress.

Step 1: Buy a mattress cover and bag.

Step 2: Place it in the cover it in the plastic bag.

Step 3: Clear a path. Move furniture, prop open doors, and make space in your vehicle.

Step 4: Move your mattress flat to the vehicle.

Step 5: Secure the mattress using moving straps.

How to Move the Bed?


Once the mattress is moved, it’s time to start disassembling your bed. You will need a screwdriver, Allen key, and wrench depending on the size of your bed frame. To make it easier and help you with any problematic pieces, you may need a couple of extra hands. Keep your sandwich bags close at hand. Once you have all of the small pieces and screws stored in them, tape the bags to the bed frame. It would help if you were careful with your tape placement so that you don’t lose paint when you take off the bags.

After removing the bed frame, wrap it in moving blankets before transporting it to your new home. This will protect your walls and bed frame from any dents. Place the frame inside your vehicle and attach the moving straps. It would be best not to stack your bed frame on top of your mattress as this could cause indentations.

How to Unpack a Mattress?


You have learned how to move a bed and moved it into your new home without any problems. Congratulations! But it’s not over. The mattress must still be unloaded. Slide it out of your vehicle by undoing the moving straps. To avoid dropping the mattress or having it slid, it’s a good idea to ask a friend to help you. Remove the mattress inside the moving bag, and place it on its side. It is best to place it in an area other than your bedroom so that you have enough space for your bed frame.

How to disinfect your mattress? You can give it a thorough clean by moving. To remove dust and dirt, vacuum the mattress using a brush nozzle. You can also place it on a blanket outside for up to two hours.

Sprinkle baking soda on the mattress, and then vacuum it up after a while. A steam cleaner is a great option. You can just run the steam cleaner over its surface for a few minutes. Finally, spray the mattress lightly with disinfectant and wipe it clean with a dry cloth. Once it has dried, you can put it back.

If time is tight, vacuum the mattress and air it near an open window. This step is essential if you want to be able to rest comfortably on a clean mattress.

How to Move a Memory Foam Mattress?


Memory foam mattresses are different from ordinary mattresses. To avoid damaging a memory foam mattress, it is essential to know how to move them properly. Why are they so difficult to move? Foam mattresses are not as stable as traditional ones, so it is essential to stabilize your foam mattress before moving it. There are additional steps that need to be taken.

Step 1: Take measurements of your mattress.

Step 2: Place it in a mattress cover.

Step 3: Get a mattress shipping box.

Step 4: Cover your mattress with bubble wrap and attach it using tape.

Step 5: Place the mattress in the box, enfold it with bubble wrap and seal it with tape.

Step 6: Carry the box carefully into your vehicle. You can either lay the mattress on its side or flat. Be sure not to place anything on top of your box.

Step 7: Use ratchet straps to secure the box. It would be best if you tightened them so that the box doesn’t move but not too tight that they cause damage to it.

How to store a mattress?


You don’t have to move your mattress immediately? No worries! Renting a storage unit is easy, and you can lease a small storage unit for as little as $45 a month. You can be sure that your mattress will arrive clean and fresh when you move it into your new home. But it will need to be cleaned before storing.

Use the vacuum cleaner to get rid of any dirt and dust. Cover the mattress with a lightweight, breathable cover. It should not be wrapped in plastic. Your mattress will become a breeding ground of bacteria and moisture by being wrapped in plastic. It should be stored horizontally on a flat surface. To help your mattress keep a good shape be careful to properly pack and organize your storage space and ensure nothing lies on top of it.

Follow the same steps when taking your mattress from storage. Before you go to sleep on it, make sure it is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

That’s it! Follow these easy tips and you safely move, store and clean your mattress. This guide let you move a mattress like professional movers, will take the stress out of moving day and allow you to relax and enjoy a great night’s sleep. When all of that comes together, the result is a good night’s sleep in your new home.


How to move a mattress upstairs by yourself?

Take out all bedding, pillows, and covers attached to your mattress. Next, remove the mattress from its box spring if necessary. Moving your mattress sideways on its side. To avoid any damage, we recommend covering it with a plastic sheet.

Hold the mattress in place at one end. Next, carefully lift it using both your hands. You can then move it towards the stair departure.

While holding onto your mattress, climb the stairs with care. If you want to make it more comfortable, you can push it up. To avoid any possible wall fixtures, stand in the middle of your staircase. It would be best if you did not move the mattress too close to the ceiling. Be careful. Climb up the stairs slowly.

Carrying a mattress to its new room carefully, avoiding any debris and fixtures you have.

Can we move a queen size bed in a truck or van?

Queen size mattresses don’t fit inside most vans, but they might fit if you can fold them. To make sure your mattress can be moved in such a way, you should consult the manufacturer. Sometimes, folding it can cause damage and cancel the warranty. In this case, you must use the truck.

Is it legal to tie your mattress to the top of your car?

In the United States, if you tie a mattress on top of the car it tight, it can be towed your vehicle. You and others could be seriously injured if the mattress isn’t correctly tied.

The cops may stop you over if you do not tie your mattress to the top of your car correctly, and if your mattress falls off the roof, you can be faced with fines. That’s why using a truck to move a mattress is more preferably.

How can we move box springs or foundations?

You can wrap them in plastic wrap and then wrap them with bubble wrap. You can then load the box springs onto a dolly and transport them to your car, much like you would with your mattress.

Moving a mattress with a dolly, how?

To transport the mattress from your home to your vehicle, you can rent or buy a dolly (a platform with wheels).

More oversized mattresses might be more fragile. The best way to carry your mattress to your vehicle is by strengthening them with cardboard. Large cardboard boxes (30 inches x 30 inches x 30-inches) are possible. After disassembling and flattening the cardboard boxes, you can place one on each side for a mattress. Tie the cardboard and mattress together using ropes, ratchet straps, or other methods. The kind of rope you buy is essential to secure your mattress.

After securing your mattress between pieces of cardboard, you can lift it to 0.5 inches above the ground and slide it to a dolly. You must be gently rolling it from the house to the vehicle to prevent your mattress from sliding off the dolly.

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