How To Fold A Blanket Into A Pillow – The Best Guide 2023

Let’s check how to fold a blanket into a pillow.

What is a blanket? It is among the most essential elements of our lives. They help keep our bodies warm during cold days by keeping our bodies warm which would otherwise be lost through convection. They’re generally soft and comfortable fabrics that are big enough to wrap a large area of our body usually when we’re resting, sleeping, or simply watching TV and that is my personal favorite.

If you want to put an over-the-shoulder blanket or drape it over one of the sides of the sofa and cover your feet with them or even tuck yourself beneath it during the cold winter months, it’s essential to have. But, there’s another method to make use of these items to make our lives an extra bit more convenient.

Today, we can appreciate the blankets we used to have as useful items for many purposes, like road trips and others. They can also be folded over themselves in various forms to create different kinds of pillows for you.

There are many ways to fold your blanket so that it can be stored in smaller sizes or to enhance the look of your room by adding decorations. However, these folding methods won’t just entice your eyes but can ensure that you and your family are more relaxed in the event there is a need.

Working with Quillow

Based on your personal preference, you may have both or you can choose one or two that specifically fit the style of your space. Whatever you choose, there could be a point that you require a new pillow, or perhaps you need a “quillow” which is a quilt that could be made into a pillow, and later transformed back into a throw blanket.

You can also transform an ordinary or soft blanket into a quillow by folding it in half, making sure to measure its final dimensions, and creating a pocket bigger than its size the same fabric. The pocket can be put on top of the blanket or kept close to the bed (or couch) in case of a pillow-related emergency.

Quillows are made to change into an actual blanket and a pillow by using an external pocket. The trick is folding the blanket properly so that it is able to be folded into its pocket and utilized as an actual pillow.

The fold pattern will be based on the style, but the most popular design is one that has a pre-sized pillow that is attached to the bottom edge of the blanket near its middle.

Folding the Quillow

Then, lay it on your floor, then lay the pocket out from the soft blanket, flat on the floor. For most quillow blankets you’ll fold in a third of your blanket to the left, to ensure that the edges align with the pillow pocket, and then fold the third from the right, so your folded piece measures as wide as the pillow.

Turn the blanket over on the floor until you’re at the top, and your pillow’s pocket lies located at the bottom, away from you. Begin folding the blanket over in the first place, with the first fold being a little smaller than the width of your pillow.

After you have completed the final fold, flip the pillow pocket upside out, so that it covers the blanket folds. This is your ideal pillow. Simply pull the folds out of the pillow’s pocket and transform them into an actual blanket.

Easy Fold Pillow Blanket

As mentioned earlier, there are many ways to make pillows from blankets. Let’s begin with the most basic and simple one.

Step 1: Fold it twice. Each time fold size should be approximately one-quarter of the blanket’s width.

Step 2: Flip the blanket around.

Step 3: Then fold it across the opposite side of the axis as you did in the first step until you get to mid-length.

Step 4: Then fold the opposite part that is covered until you’re able to touch the other part of the blanket. (Now ensure that the two sides of the blanket are equally folded.)

Step 5: Fold it over its central part that represents the line of contact you got in Step 4.

Step 6: Cover your blanket with the thicker part. There will be pockets created. Insert the final bit of your wrapped piece inside the pocket.

That’s how you can get your fresh pillow with only six steps. Then, you just need to place it in a pillowcase and then give the pillow to your guests.

Tripple Fold Pillow Blankets

In the next section, we’ll look at various other methods of folding. Perhaps, after you have gained some experience, you will be able to create your own unique and practical method of folding. For now, let’s explore the alternative method of making an upholstered pillow using a blanket.

Step 1: Set the blanket on the table to ensure that the pocket is facing down.

Step 2: Keep the long end in place as you make the blanket into three pieces, so that your left hand is only one-third of the way. After that, you can fold the right side over the top until it’s aligned with the left side folded portion.

Step 3: The blanket should be turned over. The pocket side is at the top and most close to your own body. Long rectangles be a distance towards your body.

Step 4: Beginning from towards the highest point, start folding down the blanket. The length is divided into thirds. Each third is the size of your pocket. Once you’ve completed the final fold the veil will be placed over the pockets.

Step 5: And to the last “fold-step”. Take the blanket which is on the inside of the pocket and put it into your pocket. Make sure not to cause it to catch up. The blanket flat could not lie completely. You can flip it and it’s in good shape.

If you are unable to fold your blanket completely the first time It’s not an issue. Lay the blanket flat and try it again. It could take some practice. It’s quite normal for these steps to require a few tries when you’ve never tried the task prior. But you will be able to master it in a short time. Just like everything else it requires some practice in a fold pillow blankets properly.

Sewing Pillowcases

Our next concept can’t be accomplished by folding. It requires just a bit of craft. If you’re keen to get involved in something recycling with a little work, you could make the old and worn-out blankets into pillows. With the old blanket, you’ll require the sewing kit to complete this task. A needle and thread are all you need. But, if you’d like to embellish it, it’s nice to include different colors of threats.

Step 1: Place one of your other pillowcases flat on a flat surface and determine the width and height. You can also make your own measurements in accordance with the pillow you made using your blanket. Keep these numbers in mind.

Step 2: To make a pillowcase, you’ll need an exact width and 5 cm to sew the case, and more than twice the width, plus an additional 25 cm. This is due to the fact that as you might have seen, there’s an additional flap inside the pillow case to keep it in place and prevents it from going out. Cut long strips out of your old blanket in accordance with the measurements above.

Step 3: Sew the sides of width around 1 cm to 1.5 centimeters to stop them from fraying. These flaps folded up must be placed on the back of the cloth.

Step 4: Now, fold older the remaining 20cm inwards, and then pin it to the floor. Fold the entire cloth in half-lengthwise (including the flap with the pins) and put it back down. Make sure to fold it over so that the stitches stay in the. It is essential to secure your fabric throughout the process to prevent it from becoming a mess! Besides that, pining down your cloth assists in the process later.

Step 5: The length should be sewn on both ends approximately 2.5 centimeters. Make sure to keep the ends by letting the flap remain wide.

Step 6: When you’re done you can turn the sack upside down. Now you have a complete cushion case for road trips and home use.

Repeat this procedure with the remaining blanket until you reach the desired amount of folds pillows.


Can you use a blanket as a pillow?

Utilizing a blanket for a bed or couch is more comfortable than using an actual pillow. There’s no reason to think that standard pillows aren’t worth it, as you claim however I’ve been using a huge soft blanket for my bed for the last couple 2 years. Pillows don’t quite adjust to your head the way the large blanket does.

How To Fold a Blanket Into a Pillow Final Thoughts

If you want to embellish your pillowcase, make it happen after you’ve sewn at both the ends of length. Be sure to leave at least 20cm off from the bottom edge to make the flap. Your ornaments should be placed to the side closest to the flap since this will be the front of the pillow.

When you decorate your pillowcase, make sure not to put in any items that could cause your hair to stick to the pillowcase or something that could scratch your faces like beads and scales.

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