How To Clean Pack N Play Mattress – The Best Guide 2023

how to clean pack n play mattress

Let’s check how to clean pack n play mattress. No matter if you’re a new parent or have multiple kids most likely, you own a playpen, pack of play, a travel crib, and a play area. They are useful as well as a portable and secure place for your child to rest and play in, the adorable gadgets can be a little dirty, particularly in the case of frequent use or have seen many children.

And to make matters even more difficult it is not always the most straightforward thing to wash particularly since they cannot be washed in the machine. This is why we’ve created a step-by-step guide on how to clean your pack ‘n’ play or travel crib or play yard to keep it clean and smells nice and fresh, but also to ensure it is as clean as you can for your little one.

The Reasons Why Cleaning Your Pack N Play Mattress Is Important

The Reasons Why Cleaning Your Pack N Play Mattress Is Important

It’s essential to keep your baby’s playroom regularly to keep your child well. Cleaning and disinfecting your home frequently can help keep your home safe from spreading diseases. In most cases, just cleaning the items at home with soap and water can be enough to eliminate viruses and bacteria. Even if the baby is sick, disinfecting your home isn’t always required.

As well as preventing illness Cleansing your playroom can help stop spit-up, dirt, and all sorts of dirt from accumulating. If your child spends long hours in their playroom regardless of whether they’re sleeping or playing and sleeping, they’ll carry dirt or oils and even food crumbs. Cleaning their playroom can provide them with a comfy and clean place to play and sleep.

How to Wash Pack ‘n’ Play Mattress — 3 Methods

How to Wash Pack 'n' Play Mattress — 3 Methods

1. Rub It Off

It’s one of the most obvious methods to clean your bag and play area, but it’s a simple method to clean it anytime. In order to effectively scrub and clean off your bag and play or play outside, you need to move the entire mess outdoors or find a place within your home, with a bit more room, or you don’t mind getting a portion of the area around it submerged.

The crib mattress comes with an extra cushion cover on it, you can take off the cover and put it through the washing machine (machine washes). Then, remove the mattress from the box and begin playing. Mix the solution above with a half cup of baby-safe laundry detergent into the water in a bucket and use a soft-bristled scrubbing brush to thoroughly scrub the entire pack and the mattress.

Rinse the entire thing thoroughly. If you’re outdoors it’s possible to make this happen with a hose. Alternatively, you could wash the pack and wash it in the shower (much better than getting a spot cleaning). After that, you can leave it out to air dry, preferring outdoors in the sunlight.

2. Deep Cleaning Up Your Pack ‘N’ Play

If you’ve been playing with your kids’ play pack for a while or is extremely messy–like being smeared with jelly and peanut butter–you can clean it thoroughly. Be aware that this kind of deep cleaning method is usually not mentioned in the instruction manuals of the manufacturer. This means that you’ll have to consider the advantages and disadvantages of this technique.

Make sure when you use this method of deep cleaning not to just give the drying process to take time and then examine all moving components as well as the locking mechanism to make certain that they are in good working order.

If are looking to deep clean your playroom or pack-n-play:

The mattress pad should be removed and place the play area in a folded sloping position. After the mattress pad is removed, fill your tub with warm water, and add some of the ingredients below:

  • 1 cup safe for baby laundry
  • 1/4 cup vinegar
  • 1/4 cup baking soda

After your tub is fully filled and all the ingredients have been thoroughly mixing, put your packed pack ‘n’ play or travel crib or play yard into the tub and allow it to soak for an hour. Be sure to not submerge the mattress or mat. The mat will need to be cleaned spotlessly. Immersing it in water can cause damage and put it in danger for your child.

When you have removed the back out of the pool, clean it off using an untidy, warm cloth and dry it, making sure to remove the most water you can. Be sure to pay focus to the locks and hinges and make sure they are completely dry. After that, take the pack ‘n’ play outside and place it for drying in the sunshine.

Also, if you don’t have a space in which you can dry your pack outside in sunlight in the play yard, locate the sunniest spot within your home to let it air dry to a complete degree. Before you use your pack ‘n’ play again ensure you have checked the hinges and locks to ensure that they’re functioning properly. That’s all that you need to deep clean your mattress.

3. Spot Cleaning

Spot cleaning your play area, pack and play area, and each baby’s item is a must to keep the space as tidy as it can be and remove dirt and germs. You should make spot cleaning of the pack ‘n’ play a regular part of your routine, just like you would with the changing table.

It is possible to have a spot cleaner ready with a spray bottle that can be used at any time you require it. It’s easy to mix equal parts of water and equal amounts of vinegar white.

Vinegar is a green cleaning agent due to its acidity helps to prevent buildup, and it dissolves scum and sticky substances.

White vinegar can be the most effective alternative because it won’t stain, but it can possess a strong odor which is why you can choose apple cider vinegar as a substitute or add drops of essential oil into the cleaning solution to disguise the smell.

To clean up spots, apply the solution and pay particular focus on any stain that has recurred or spillage that has occurred recently (in the latter case, allow the solution to remain there for a while to break up the accumulation).

Allow the solution to take a few minutes to work before you remove it using the use of a clean cloth or paper towel.

There are also baby-friendly cleaning products commercially available to wash your hands of stains. Make sure to use one specifically designed for babies since they aren’t laden with harmful chemicals that could harm your child.

One of them is the multi-surface and baby-safe cleaner that you can purchase in spray bottles or simple wipes.

Why It Is Essential To Clean

Why It Is Essential To Clean

In addition to making sure you keep your pack ‘n ‘ play neat and tidy, regular cleaning also helps remove dirt dust, grime, and germs. Cleaning isn’t just for kids. American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) suggests regular cleaning to ensure your family’s health. 1

Although there’s no definitive and unchanging rule of thumb for how often you wash your baby’s toys, however, it’s important to be up with it prior to it becoming more of a mess. If your child frequently spills items, loves to create messes, or is known to spit up frequently

There is a possibility for the water that comes that results from these activities to transform into mildew and mold.

Additionally, stains can turn permanent if they’re not addressed immediately. The best method to take is to the stains and clean your bag regularly.

How often do you need to clean Your Pack N Play?

How often do you need to clean Your Pack N Play

To stop dirt and germs from getting into your play equipment It’s recommended to keep it clean.

However, how often you clean your play area depends on how often it’s being used. If you utilize it for a short time for an occasional sleepover at your grandparents’ home it will be necessary to clean your pack ‘n’ play more frequently than if you’re using the item every day.

If your child sleeps in their playpen every day it is important to wash their sheets regularly. Sleep experts recommend washing sheets at least once per week to get rid of body oils, dust, or dust mites.

If you’re washing the sheets of your baby each week, it could be a great time to give the whole pack n play with an easy clean.

Along with providing your pack ‘n’ play mattress with an easy wipe-down every week, it must be cleaned whenever it begins appearing dirty, or after the onset of sickness.

If you start to notice a build-up of dirt or your child is prone to spitting up, clean it whenever you need to. It is also recommended to clean your play area when your child or someone in your family has suffered from illness.

Make Sure You Have The Owner’s Manual

When cleaning the area around your traveling crib or play yard or even your pack ‘n’ play make sure you check your owner’s manual to find out what cleaners are recommended and also any specific guidelines.

For example, the Graco website recommends using household wash soap with warm water, and to do not using bleach.

It is also suggested that you allow the pack ‘n’ play to dry, but it also states that the bag can be washed by a machine. Rinse the bag in warm water with no detergent and hang it for drying. 3

If your pack ‘n ‘ play is contaminated with sand due to a trip to the beach, you must be cautious when you remove it. Sand is likely to damage the rails on top and the lock.

If you’ve lost or lost your specific instruction manual for your pack ‘n’ play. You can visit the website of company to find cleaning guidelines or search for a PDF version.

Additionally, you should know that the majority of the mattresses used in the pack ‘n’ play and travel cribs as well as a play yard aren’t waterproof, and you should be careful not to submerge them in the water. Clean them with a damp cloth or buy a waterproof mattress cover specifically made for your brand and model.

Last Thoughts About Pack N Play Cleaning

A good routine for hygiene is a method to make sure your playset does not just look nice, but also offers a secure place for your child to play and sleep in.

The safety of a child is always the top priority and preventing grime and germs from making them sick is always recommended.

Like all equipment for babies be sure to read the cleaning instructions to make sure you’re not causing damage to the components and components. This will help them last longer and you might even be able to give them away in the event that you do not need these anymore.

Natural cleaners like baking soda and vinegar are great options when you’re worried about the environmental impact and your child’s safety as they are gentle for babies however they are hard on grime and dirt.

If you’re looking for a more commercial option, go with baby-safe cleaning products and baby-safe soap since they are generally made without harmful chemicals or fragrances that could trigger allergic reactions and other reactions in your infants.

Always have a spray bottle along with a soft-bristled scrub brush in your bag at all times you require to remove or spot clean more durable spills, particularly when a thorough clean-up is not feasible.

Pack N Play mattress is an amazing invention created for parents’ convenience as well as to provide a secure environment for their children. So, set up an appropriate cleaning schedule that fits your needs.

How To Clean Pack N Play Mattress FAQs

How do you dry a Pack N Play mattress?

It is also possible to bring it outside and make use of a hose for it. Air-dry for the duration of a day. Set up your freshly cleaned play set outdoors and allow it to dry in the sunshine. The mattress must be air dried too, however, arrange it in a manner that will permit air circulation.

How do you deep clean a Graco Pack N Play?

1. Make a bath with warm water with half a cup baby-safe laundry detergent and a quarter-cup each of baking soda. …
2. Remove the pack ‘n’ play mat from the playingard. …
3. Make sure to soak the pack ‘n’ play in the tub for at least one hour. …
4. The tub should be empty and rinse your pack n play with a clean.

What is Pack N Play mattress made of?

In essence, the Milliard Pack N Play Mattress are not just foldable and resealable, but they are also an ideal choice to change the mattress your baby sleeps on. It is constructed of top-quality polyester and is easily removed and washable so that you’ll always have a spotless sleeping area for your child.


Whatever the case, whether your pack-n-play mattress was purchased new, or seen a fair share of kids regularly, spot-cleaning can ensure that it stays clean and fresh, as well as ensure that germs are kept to a minimum. If due for some reason, your play area is more filthy than a weekly spot-cleaning once a week can handle then you can clean it out or employ the deep-cleaning method.

Be sure to leave plenty of time to dry, and make sure that you inspect all hinges and locks to make certain they’re functioning effectively. If you maintain it with regular cleaning and care you will be able to get plenty of enjoyment from your pack n play.

How do you take care of your pack n play mattress? Share in the comments.

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