How to clean memory foam mattress: Tips and Recommendations

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Memory foam mattresses are constructed of petroleum-based substances that provide them with contouring, supportive and pressure-relieving properties. While these mattresses help you sleep soundly, however, they will quickly lose their comfort and support when they are not properly maintained.

Memory foam is distinct from the other mattresses. The polyurethane foam wicks away sweat, dead skin, and dust mites. This leads to a smelly mattress. Clean a memory foam mattress can eliminate dirt, odors, dust, and pollen. This will ensure that your bed remains in top form.

There are steps how to clean memory foam mattress:

  1. Vacuum Your Memory Foam Mattress.
  2. Remove Stains from Memory Foam Mattress.
  3. Dry the Memory Foam Mattress.

We’ll also talk about how to keep your mattress spotless with mattress protectors and provide some other tips to maintain your mattress.

How to Clean Memory Foam Mattress Step-by-Step

Step 1. Vacuum Your Mattress


The most efficient and simple method of lifting the dust is to use the use of a handheld vacuum cleaner or an attachment for upholstery. These devices for cleaning memory foam mattress are easy to use, and anything bigger could cause the mattress to tears.

We recommend vacuuming the mattress’s surface each when you change your bedding approximately once per week.

  • Buttons and crevices require regular vacuuming.
  • It is important to make sure you get into those nooks and crevices because dry skin cells as well as dust accumulate in these areas.
  • Be sure to vaccum entire mattresse edges.
  • Cleanse the underside of the mattress every time you turn or flip it at least once every 6 months. Review your care manual to determine if your mattress can be turned.
  • If you own pets, make use of the vacuum that is specifically designed to clean pet hair and dandruff.

Step 2. Remove Stains from Memory Foam Mattress

Remove Stains from Memory Foam Mattress

1. Remove Dried Stains

time Time: 40+ minutes
You will need:
free 2 340x334 1 A mild detergent
free 2 340x334 1 Water
free 2 340x334 1 Spray bottle
free 2 340x334 1 A rag
white spirit 1 part
glass 2 parts
spray 1 piece
a towel 1-2 pieces

If you’ve found the stain, it’s important to get rid of it as soon as you notice it. It is recommended to clean up any new stains since the stain is easier to lift. However, in the event that you aren’t able to get to the stain within the timeframe you wanted, you can still remove the stain using the help of a bit of elbow grease.

If you have a zippered mattress cover would suggest taking it off and checking to see how the stain is absorbed and then preparing to spot clean a memory foam mattress as well as the cover.

Utilizing harsh chemicals like bleach can harm the foam materials. Instead, make a homemade solution and clean a memory foam mattress.

  1. Mix 2 parts water and 1 part mild detergent in a spray bottle. Apply the liquid lightly to the stain on the mattress.
  2. Rub the mattress with a clean damp cloth in circular motions.
  3. When the stain is removed repeat circular motions with a clean rag to remove a cleaning solution.
  4. Dry your mattress in the air.

Utilizing too many solutions can compromise the integrity of the material. The Memory foam mattress is similar to sponges, which absorb moisture and dry out slowly.

If the entire mattress doesn’t dry in 24-hours, the mattress could begin to develop mildew or mold.

Once you have sprayed the stain clean, rub the area in circular motions using a rag. Abrasions too vigorously could drive the cleaner into the mattress and harm the foam.

After the stain has been removed. Repeat the circular pattern using a clean, damp rag, and then remove the solution. Mattresses with covers that can be removed After you’ve eliminated the stain throw the cover in the washer and run it through cold water and set it to the gentle cycle.

To quickly dry the mattress then, apply a clean and dry rag on the damp spot, taking in the excess water. Then, let the mattress dry in the shade of the direction of a fan or sunlight. After the mattress has dried put sheets of clean bedding on top of the mattress.

2. Remove Tough Stains

time Time: 40+ minutes
You will need:
free 2 340x334 1 Vinegar
free 2 340x334 1 Water
free 2 340x334 1 Spray bottle
free 2 340x334 1 A rag
vinegear 1 part
glass 3 parts
spray 1 piece
a towel 1-2 pieces

To clean a memory foam mattress of more stubborn stains, a mixture of one part vinegar and three parts warm water will remove the more difficult stains. Some people make use of hydrogen peroxide due to their dislike of vinegar’s smell. Keep in mind that hydrogen peroxide is a colorant that can stain and harm the fabric of your mattress and could void any warranty.

  1. Contrary to the detergent solution the mixture is placed in the form of a bowl.
  2. Put a clean rag in the liquid and scrub off the stain.
  3. Remove any excess solution using a clean, damp cloth.
  4. Dry a towel over the wet area to soak up excess water. dry with a fan or in the sunlight.

3. Remove Liquid Stains

time Time: 60+ minutes 
You will need: 
free 2 340x334 1 Baking soda
free 2 340x334 1 White vinegar
free 2 340x334 1 Cold water
free 2 340x334 1 Paper towels
free 2 340x334 1 A piece of clean cloth or towel
free 2 340x334 1 A vacuum cleaner
spoon 3-4 tablespoons
spoon 3-4 tablespoons
glass a few glasses
paper-towels several breaks
towel 1-2 piece
vacuum-cleaner 1 piece

Accidents happen no matter your age. Drinks that are dark in color aren’t easy to clean a memory foam mattress, however, it’s much easier to get it cleaned as quickly as you are able to.

  1. Utilize paper towels in order to soak up as much liquid as you can. Repeat the process until the paper towels no longer absorb water.
  2. The area should be misted with white vinegar using the spray bottle, then take the liquid off using a towel.
  3. Sprinkle the wet area with baking soda, and allow it to sit for 8 or 10 hours. Baking soda will help absorb the moisture and create a pleasant odor.
  4. Vacuum the baking soda out. It is important to let the area completely dry prior to putting fresh sheeting on your mattress. If your mattress has an odor, you can drag the mattress out into the sunlight and sprinkle some baking soda on the mattress. This will eliminate the smell.

Step 3. Dry the Mattress


Memory foam is prone to taking in liquids drying it is a crucial process. If you own a blow dryer at hand, this is the ideal moment to use it.

Keep the dryer about 4-6 inches from the surface of the mattress. Then, move the dryer around until the wet area has dried to the surface. Do not use the hottest setting as excessive heat can cause damage to the mattress.

If you don’t have a hairdryer it’s fine. It’s possible to use the fan instead. Place the fan on the moist areas of the mattress, place it on the highest setting and allow it to work for a couple of hours.

After your bed is dry, it is time to change your sheets and set for a wonderful night’s sleep on your freshly cleaned mattress.

Ways to Extend the Life of Memory Foam Mattress Topper

A memory foam topper made of high-quality memory foam typically lasts between three and four years. However, with proper maintenance, they can last longer. Their longevity is contingent on their thickness since the ones with less thickness are more prone to wear out. Fitted sheets as well as mattress protectors to extend the lifespan that your mattresses toppers last.

Fitted sheets

Some fitted sheets come with deep enough pockets that can accommodate your memory foam topper as well as topper and mattress. For instance, a mattress that is 12 inches tall and a topper that is 4 inches tall can easily be adjusted in fitted sheets with over 16 inches of pockets. Check the thickness of your mattress and topper before purchasing the right fitted sheet to fit both. The lighter toppers are typically more firm, whereas the heavier toppers feel soft.

Sheets that are fitted will prevent the buildup of dead skin cells dust mites and other allergens that can be found in the memory foam mattress topper. They should be cleaned regularly to avoid the accumulation of dust.

Mattress Protectors

Make use of a mattress protector to prevent stains caused by accidental spills. They are constructed of waterproof materials, providing easy protection from liquid spills. Mattress protectors may be cleaned with a mild detergent.

Maintenance Tips

Clean memory foam mattresses are an excellent method of extending the lifespan of your bed. However, there are many other methods to take care of your mattress that will improve its lifespan.

  • Help support your memory foam mattress by laying a solid foundation. Memory foam requires greater support than an innerspring mattress. The foam can break down in the event that excessive pressure is placed on a particular space. We suggest a base that has slats that are not three inches apart, so that the mattress’s weight can be spread across a larger space, preventing pressure from breaking the mattress.
  • Change your mattress every 4 to 6 months. This will help your mattress to wear uniformly as time passes.
  • Maintain your mattress in the sun. The sun’s rays can deodorize memory foam. The placement of a mattress in direct sunlight will help keep the mattress clean.
  • Cleanse the mattress cover and bedding every week. If the mattress is covered with a zipper, washing it along with your bedding with lukewarm water can ensure that your mattress is fresh.

Should You Rotate Memory Foam Mattress or Memory foam Mattress Topper After Cleaning?

It is imperative to move your mattress around after cleaning memory foam mattress. A mattress that is rotated helps to create even wear and make sure that your bed remains well-made and comfortable for the years to come.

Although most innerspring mattresses permit the user to flip them and sleep on one side or the other, however, this is not an option for the majority of memory foam mattresses.

The majority of memory foam mattresses come with the top layer to provide comfort and heat management and lower and middle layers to offer support and structure. As you’d expect, those bottom and middle layers aren’t all that comfortable as the luxurious top layer.

The fact that you aren’t able to flip the mattress you have made of memory foam does not mean that you can’t rotate it. Every every time you wash your mattress you must turn it in order to prolong its life and ensure that it wears evenly.


How do I shield the mattress I sleep on from spills?

Utilize an appropriate mattress protector, such as an enclosure that protects every side of your mattress. Some protectors are not waterproof, so make sure you choose one that is. Also, you should choose the protection that protects against dust and bed bug bites.

Do you have the ability to shampoo the memory foam mattress?

It is best to use mild detergents to spot-clean your mattress.

How do you clean stain-free Memory foam mattresses?

Utilize a damp, clean cloth with some detergent to create circular motions over the stain on your mattress. It is also possible to dab on the stain till it gets out.

What is the cause of yellow staining on mattresses?

The sweat of a person can leave yellow stains that are very common on old mattresses. They can be removed using the techniques described in the article.

How often should I clean my mattress?

Every time the sheets are changed you must clean the sides and top of your mattress to get rid of dead skin cells, dust mites, dust, and debris that might have gotten under your sheets. By doing this, you can extend the lifespan of your mattress and improve the quality of your sleep.

Do a thorough clean by doing the above steps every two years.

Can I steam clean a memory foam mattress?

Steam is an excellent cleaner, and it can be a great tool for getting rid of dirt off the surface of the traditional innerspring mattress. However, the use of a steam cleaner on an innerspring mattress can cause damage rather than a benefit.

Because steam cleaners rely on steam and liquid to clean the surface they can fill mattresses with water. Because memory foam is absorbent, it is nearly impossible to dry your mattress before mildew or mold gets a chance to establish itself.
While a steam cleaning can make the outside of the mattress appear new, it could also cause irreparable harm to the foam underneath. Instead, adhere to the steps for spot cleaning below when it’s time to clean your mattress.


If you’re trying to get the most value you can from your mattress, understanding how to clean your memory foam mattress is an essential capability to acquire. The steps listed above will ensure that your mattress stays tidy and clean so you get the most from your investment.

Always follow the instructions for mattress care on the tag that is lawful or on the mattress’s website since they offer the most comprehensive information to take care of your mattress. There is a risk of damage to your mattress if you do not follow these care guidelines. If the maintenance instructions are not present the mattress care guide is your best alternative.

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