19 Best Guest Bed Ideas: Reviews 2024

Best Guest Bed Ideas

Today let’s check our guest bed ideas top. No matter if you live in a large house or a smaller home, having extra room for guests is essential. If you own a big house, you could create a whole space to be utilized as a guest room However, for the majority of people, this may not be feasible.

However, there are many other options to accommodate your guests. Any room in your home could be converted into a guest room if you select the appropriate type of guest bed that is appropriate for that particular space. This doesn’t mean you have to convert each space into a bedroom. The trick is selecting the appropriate furniture to make the most of your space or convert it to a bed for guests.

Your living room, study area, or other space inside your house doesn’t require to look like a bedroom to have beds. You can make an extra bed for guests even if you reside in an apartment that is a studio! In this article, we’re going to discuss the various types of guest beds as well as ideas for creating guest accommodations within every room.

Reasons To Choose Multifunctional Furniture Pieces

If you’ve reached this page, it’s because you’ve looked for the most effective solutions for space-saving guest beds.

Some of the reasons to like these pieces of furniture are as follows:

  • You’ll need an innovative plan to keep the space to sleep in;
  • You live in a tiny, one-room apartment that is almost impossible for guests to stay the night there;
  • You want to improve your couch or bed that guests use;
  • Are you looking for a new and innovative solution to narrow corners that don’t overly take up area;
  • Seek out a modern-looking place to rest.

If you’re in one of these alternatives, these guest bed designs that are space-saving are ideal for you.

If you don’t have the space within your home to build a queen-sized bed but you want to provide your guests with the most comfortable sleeping conditions, you’re welcome to this post.

Additionally, if you want to cover the bedroom, the following solutions for space saving will work with the overall design.

In all circumstances, I’m hoping that this post will be useful, inspiring, and strategic.

Bedroom Ideas For Guest Beds for Rooms With High Ceilings

One of the best choices for guest rooms with tall ceilings is to install a canopy bed. The majority of canopy beds include four bedposts that are elongated and frames on top. The frame is usually hollow, however, some canopy beds are covered on top with a sheet of wood or other materials to form an umbrella. Here’s how to the draping of canopies.

Canopy beds can be covered with a fabric that you prefer. To improve security, you can put curtains on the beds. The reason that canopies are a good option for rooms with tall ceilings is that it creates the appearance of grandeur and improves the beauty of the entire space.

The canopy beds provide the impression of grandness from the outside, sleeping while closing the curtains will give an air of security and warmth. If you have room and space, they are an ideal choice to host guests since guests will feel comfortable and welcome while at the same time.

Below are two different types of beds that can be used as canopies. The first photo depicts a canopy bed made of metal in black, which provides the room with a classic English appearance. The other is the wooden canopy bed, which is framed with the frame of a house. The frame of the house provides the canopy bed with an extremely lively appearance and adds a modern look to the area.

Another excellent option for rooms that have high ceilings is the loft bed. This is a practical and space-saving choice that is ideal for smaller spaces with tall ceilings. A loft bed can also give your guests extra space should they require work done, or simply like to relax in their bedroom. You should be aware of the maximum weight of your bed.

Another benefit of the loft bed is that even when guests aren’t in the area, you can utilize the lower section of the loft to create an office space with a desk or storage area that has shelves. The loft bed we’ve shared below is a great guest bed in rooms with high ceilings. The lower portion of the loft is perfect for converting to a workstation. We also have a fantastic article on ways you can create loft beds to appear more appealing.

Top Guest Bed Ideas 2022

1. Sofa Bed

Sofa Bed

The most popular method of hiding a bed will be one that is a couch bed. This is the first thing that occurs when we think of a temporary bed that serves a double purpose.

There are a variety of ways to conceal the bed within the sofa’s design are available – pull out and arrange pillows, modular dynamics, and others, but in order for a bed to fit within the sofa, it is necessary to compromise on the quality and thickness of the mattress. In the long run, your sleeping arrangement could impact how you get your sleeping.

The sofa bed is appropriate for guests, sleepovers, and even occasional sleep-ins, but not for a prolonged time and not as the bed of choice.

2. Chair Beds For Space-Saving

Chair Beds For Space-Saving

One of the most fashionable choices for guest beds with space ideas is the chairs. These furniture pieces are very similar to the sofa bed. But, they are only for one person.

The primary benefit of chairs is that they take up very little space. This is a major benefit, especially in tiny homes. If you’re dealing with a small space, you should consider this option.

Additionally, chairs can be adapted, so they can be incorporated into the interior design, and they can be used to integrate them into interior decor.

If you’re looking for versatile designs, you should look for shorter lines so that they are minimal enough to fit with the other combinations of decor.

Make sure you search for neutral guest room colors like pastel, white, cream shades, or dust shades. The latest designs are innovative, stylish, and appealing.

However, If you don’t need an armchair that pops out, look for a subtle design that will work well with a design that is a bit more modern or for a comfortable guest space. The chair bed is perfect to host sleepovers for guests however, it can be an ideal relaxation space during cold days.

3. Portable Guest Beds That Have Wheels

Portable Guest Beds That Have Wheels

When there are wheels beneath the portable bed structure it’s easy to move from one place to another spot, giving you to set the bed in almost any area in your home.

Keep in mind that wheels alone do make it difficult to move the bed when you need to be able to transport the bed upstairs or down. If you are carrying a bed upstairs and down, it needs to be lightweight or compact. A great guest bed that is portable will be one that has the three characteristics, such as the one below.

4. Murphy Bed That Is Hidden Inside An Existing Wardrobe

Murphy Bed That Is Hidden Inside An Existing Wardrobe

The known Murphy bed is a bed that folds down that can be built vertically into walls or closed structures. Murphy beds are space-saving units that can be used in a choice of positioning options and other features like lighting and storage, further workplace structures, and many more.

One of the major benefits of a Murphy bed is that it offers incredibly flexible use of an entire-size mattress built with a moveable structure. Furthermore, their Piston lifts or torsion springs allow the modern Murphy bed is simple for you to raise and lower.

The quality of sleeping experience on this Murphy bed with a large-sized mattress is similar to a normal bedroom, and it is able to be used for a long time without impacting the quality of sleep.

This tiny apartment’s interior design was created in the Architecture Workshop studio. The master bedroom is located over the kitchen and is hidden behind a fashionable mathematical glass structure.

The guest rooms are concealed within the clean design of the wardrobe. The customized structure covers one wall. In its clear, clean, and simple lines, it is completely invisible. If it is opened, a simple structure of white sliding panels could be used to conceal the kitchen and create a different space that is more private. Fresh and well-planned design arrangement. It’s all that you need to know about Murphy bed.

5. Compact Guest Beds

Compact Guest Beds

Another aspect to make a bed for guests transportable is its size. If the bed can be folded and put away in a compact way it is very simple to transport. Certain guest beds have an aluminum structure that can be easily folded. If folded down, the bed will be compact enough to be moved around. A few of them even have a storage bag that has a handle to allow greater mobility. One such bed is in the photo below.

6. A Murphy Bed Hiding Behind the TV Set

A Murphy Bed Hiding Behind the TV Set

In this contemporary design, the sideways-mounted Murphy bed is concealed behind a sleek and elegant sliding structure that houses the entertainment set.

The entire unit is shelves that can be used to conceal or open an entire guest bed frame behind the sliding panel of media – an extremely modern and dynamic design with a variety of practical uses such as a space divider.

7. Space Saving Guest Bed In Free Standing Furniture

Space Saving Guest Bed In Free Standing Furniture

How about combining an inviting guest bed that is space-saving as well as a free-standing piece of furniture that will add to the design of your living space? The examples above have simple designs that could be used as a great decoration idea.

The best recommendation in this regard is to pick a color that stands out, yet is still able to complement the design in a balanced manner.

In the end, by keeping all the furniture elements as simple as possible, you can paint the walls with a fun hue and then arrange some attractive objects. What will you get? Simple and elegant solutions that are completely achievable to attain.

8. Light-Weight Guest Beds

Light-Weight Guest Beds

The final, but certainly not the least aspect which influences the transportability of beds is the weight of the bed. If the mattress is lighter the easier it is to transport. What exactly is determining the mass of the mattress? It’s the mattress, as well as the material that the frame of the bed is made of. What if we were able to remove the mattress entirely?

Futons, also known as floor beds are one of the lightest options that are available. The majority of floor beds fold meaning they can be carried about and easily stored. Below is a picture of a floor bed available on Amazon.

9. Space Saving Beds Behind Movable Walls

Space Saving Beds Behind Movable Walls

Have you heard of smart homes? Even though they are small flats, however, they offer clever strategies to make the most of the space to the maximum extent feasible. These inventive ideas are trendy and can be adapted to small spaces.

The way they are implemented is fluid and is the most inventive method for designers to arrange the various functional zones in a flexible and practical method. But there are certain drawbacks. It is not possible to use a bed that is space-saving and the guest bed to other beds simultaneously.

But, smaller rooms are perfect for this kind of guest bed that is space-saving.

In the earlier examples, we chose to show how well these sleeping spaces fit in some walls that are movable. The most appealing aspect of? You can wow your friends by revealing a wall and revealing their dream sleeping space.

10. Bed-Desk Combos

Bed-Desk Combos

The desk bed that disappears is an illustration of how to solve various space problems with one clever design. The sleek, multi-functional frame can transform from a bedroom to an office space in a matter of minutes and with grace. The distinctive designs of the furniture elements – look at the neatly folded chair with its modern design – add individuality and style to the assembly.

A fresh and flexible design that brings freedom to the arrangement of decor in multi-functional spaces. A mattress that folds up transforms from an office to a bed, leaving space for everyday activities.

11. Space-Saving Bed Under A-Framed Roof

Space-Saving Bed Under A-Framed Roof

What about making use of the additional space under the slope? Profit from every corner and make the most of it.

There are those who believe that A-framed or canted roofs are a waste of space where it is impossible to store any items. It is my belief that you can make use of this design flexibility and put up a space-saving guest bed.

There are some creative furniture designs that can be found in this space that create the perfect and clever space for adding an inviting bed for your guests.

Consider constructing an appropriate set of units to be used to explore the space beneath the A-frame roof. This modern style looks stunning in natural colors and can become part of the overall design.

Select wood shades, blue or white to bring out the sophistication of this minimalist sleeping space.

Utilize simple lines to hold the mattress with a sliding mechanism. You could go even more in your design by adding shelves for books or storage space.

They are among the most inventive ways to make smart sleeping furniture that is warm tones. So, think about the most challenging spaces in your home and turn these into inviting spaces for reading or sleeping.

12. Movable Daybed As a Part Of The Living Room Furniture Arrangement

Movable Daybed As a Part Of The Living Room Furniture Arrangement

In this fun and fresh arrangement of decor, the designers of Studio WOK sought inspiration from the beautiful appearance of the modern and stylish plywood. A tidy and practical design The designers have added several clever additions. Partly rolling the double guest bed inside an opening inside the lower section of the wardrobe creates a space for everyday activities and creates an inviting sleeper sofa bed element for the enjoyment of guests.

13. Space Saving Guest Beds Hidden In The Closet

 Space Saving Guest Beds Hidden In The Closet

The Asian aesthetics in this design concept of guest beds that can be tucked away in space. It is also an example of fun and stylish designs for indoor spaces.

The furniture pieces that you will find in these designs are arranged and tucked away into these huge closets. The result is a comfortable space for guest beds that don’t take up the entire space.

Additionally, this method is simple and elegant and multi-functional, and extremely small.

This means that you can design an arrangement that takes just a small portion of the area of your apartment. Additionally, you will be able to provide your guests with privacy and comfort in their sleeping arrangements.

14. Use the Space Beneath the Stairs

Use the Space Beneath the Stairs

Repurposing the sloped area under the stairs will not only create unusable ground but also creates an inviting reading space or even a guest bed. The custom-made double bed platform can be tucked away in the alcove under the stairs but also offers extra storage space. Comfortable and practical.

A cozy reading area that makes use of the unusual area beneath the stairs. This is due to the library-like high ceiling. Bookshelves are also installed in this. The area under the stairs also makes well for day beds that can be used as hideaways (reading nooks) like this one.

15. Space-Saving Beds For Guests Under Working Place

Space Saving Beds For Guests Under Working Place

If you’re looking for an innovative design, it is recommended to look at this approach that is functional. Particularly for those who work at home, you could make use of the studio’s small size to make both work and sleeping areas.

The space these designers are using is changing the daily life of the owner of the house into comfortable and practical places to work and relax.

So, you could create a second bed that slides underneath the desk, to greet guests. Utilize the plywood platform to give an even elevation and divide the storage space from the bed.

16. Loft Beds Ideal For Young Guests

Loft Beds Ideal For Young Guests

If you are thinking of the loft bed as a way to welcome your guests, we’ll give you some great designs you can pick from. The lower section of these beds is for desks, or for whatever purpose you like, while the upper part can transform into a comfy guest bed.

The images above show some of the best designs, as well as some innovative ideas to make the most of your room and floor space.

17. Guest Beds for Kids Rooms and Sleepovers

Guest Beds for Kids Rooms and Sleepovers

Rooms for children and sleepovers are about having fun. This is why it’s crucial to select a fun bed for such occasions! Trundle beds are an excellent choice because children are able to sleep together. Choose bunk beds, that are always a favorite for kids! Trundle bed also has a good selection of bedside accessories that will make bunk beds suitable for children.

Another alternative is to combine the advantages of bunk beds and trundle beds. You can buy bunk beds that have the or trundle! This will give you all the excitement with the added benefit of additional space.

Here are some instances of useful bunk beds and trundles that could be utilized to host guests in your child’s bedroom. Make sure that you have enough space for guests as well as your bunk beds using these tips for the size of bunk bed frames and mattresses for bunk beds.

18. Portable Guest Beds You Can Rent

 Portable Guest Beds You Can Rent

If you don’t have guests frequently, one alternative is to lease an apartment. There are many companies that offer beds of good quality for an extended period of time. If the condition of the bed isn’t excellent, it is likely that the company renting it will charge less to rent the bed.

It is always possible to inquire with the company renting the bed about the state of the bed before you decide accordingly. If quality is important, then you can choose to hire a bed that’s not been used for long. If price is the primary reason, then go to a bed that is less expensive.

Most rental companies offer beds that fold and are portable like the two beds featured in the next images. This is because many are renting beds for use for a short period which is why portable beds can be the most suitable choice for temporary use.

There are firms that rent standard beds, and some offer high-end beds with stunning headboards and attractive overall designs. This is an excellent option to offer your guests the luxury of a bed, without actually needing to purchase one.

Below is an image of a bed that is available to rent. It is possible to browse the huge list of beds to rent and select the one that fits you the most.

19. Guest Beds for Studio Apartments

Guest Beds for Studio Apartments

What about the last part of the guest bed ideas? There are no clear boundaries between rooms, a studio isn’t easy to furnish. In the event that you have an existing portion of your apartment where you sleep in sleeping, then you may not need an additional bed in a different section of your apartment particularly if your apartment isn’t big enough.

The question is, how do you make the guest bed? One option is to make use of an alternative bed that doesn’t appear like a normal bed. If you wish to have an additional bed for guests in the living room in your apartment it is possible to use an alternative to the sofa bed. The advantage of having the daybed is that it keeps the living space appearing like a living room as daybeds can also serve as seating.

For more room for guests consider a daybed that includes a Trundle (trundle bed, for example). The day bed can, for instance, make any modern home appear stunning and provide an extra bed for guests.

Another excellent guest bed option for studios is to put up the loft bed. It allows you to use the lower section of your loaf bed during your normal working hours for whatever reason you want. It can be turned into an office space or a reading space, or whatever you want. Loft beds can also be equipped with sofa beds that are built into the lower portion of the loft. Below are some loft beds for studios.

Also, don’t forget the best guest bed the air mattress.

Guest Bed Ideas FAQ

What kind of bed does a guest room need?

The general rule is that an extra-large mattress is an ideal choice in a guest room to provide extra sleeping space. The majority of guest bedrooms are smaller sizes, which means they will be crowded with king or queen-size mattresses. However, you want your guests to feel comfortable and not be squeezed into the size of a twin.


There are many options to design the perfect guest bed with space. These examples are only ideas to be adapted to your home. We are sure that your guests will be delighted! Have you got a particular one? Please suggest ideas on how you greet guests for an adult sleepover.

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