Does Casper Mattress Have Fiberglass: 3 Important Points to Know

Does Casper mattress have fiberglass? Several dozen these questions have hit my email in recent times. And I can say that the Casper is a reputable, well-established brand. But let’s find out what’s wrong with fiberglass, what dangers this material poses, and whether they really use it in their products!

What Fiberglass Is and the Reason Why Some Mattresses Brands Use It

Fiberglass is a type of composite plastic reinforced with fiberglass. Here are a few things that are important to know about it:

  • It can be either spun into fiberglass fibers or flattened into a sheet.
  • There are several types C-Glass, A-Glass, AR-Glass, E-Glass, and S-Glass.
  • This material exhibits excellent strength at high temperatures.
  • In combustion, this material does not burn but melts.
Explanation of What Fiberglass Is

Therefore, in order to add strength and fire-resistant safety, some manufacturers add it to their mattresses. But is this type of plastic safe?

Fiberglass Exposure to Human Health and What Are the Consequences of Its Long-Term Use

Fiberglass exposure to the human body can have both mild and severe consequences. Therefore, before purchasing any product containing this material, it is important to familiarize yourself with the hazards it poses:

Does Casper Mattress Have Fiberglass?Fiberglass Exposure

1. Fiberglass contamination can cause Eye Irritation and Vision Loss

The EWG conducted research on the effects of loose fiberglass on human health. The study found that the material can cause eye problems such as:

  • Reddening of the sclera, the so-called whites of the eyes.
  • Tearfulness and itching.
  • In the worst-case scenario, short-term or permanent vision loss.

2. Skin Problems and Allergy

WebMD study results showed that human skin exposure to fiberglass has the following effects:

  • Rashes all over the body.
  • Itching and inflammation.
  • Swelling of some parts of the skin.

3. Gastrointestinal Upset

In turn, the Environmental Litigation Group P.C. investigated the effects of fiberglass on the digestive organs. Here’s what the results of the study say:

  • Fiberglass can cause irritation and pain if it enters the stomach.
  • It can also cause gastrointestinal upset and bloating
Gastrointestinal Upset of fiberglass

4. Coughing, sneezing, lung problems

Consequences of the fibers entering the human body by the Washington State Department of Health research:

  • Can occur coughing and sneezing. This is a defensive reaction of the organism.
  • Can appear allergy.
  • In severe cases, with prolonged exposure, the development of asthma and respiratory problems.

5. Fever

It has also been shown by all the researchers that ingestion of fiberglass has resulted in an increase in body temperature.

Fever from fiberglass

So after we learned how dangerous fiberglass can be to humans. Let’s find out the whole truth about Casper mattresses. Do they contain fiberglass?

Does Casper Mattress Have Fiberglass?

I hasten to reassure you there is no fiberglass in the Casper mattress. I was confused by the myths and discussions on the Internet and decided to contact Casper directly. Here is what they told me:

“Our company does not use fiberglass or any other harmful flame retardant chemicals in the manufacture of mattresses or mattress toppers. Instead, we use silica.”

I also found the official Twitter of the company, in which they also responded to their users as I did:

“The Casper does not contain any danger flame retardant chemicals. Instead, the mattress is wrapped in a proprietary knit sock. It’s made from a yarn that has a silica core, covered in polyester, acrylic, nylon, and rayon.”

You can read even more of the company’s response here or contact them via the contact form on their official website.

How to Be Sure That a Casper Mattress Does Not Contain Fiberglass?

I realize that the manufacturer’s answer may still not reassure you, so let’s look at ways you can understand that Casper mattresses really do not use fiberglass. Let’s do a little research on our own:

How to Be Sure That a Casper Mattress Does Not Contain Fiberglass
  • Casper Mattress has no labels that indicate their products contain fiberglass: Before buying, check the label for words such as glass fibers and glass wool. The manufacturer is required by law to list on the label all materials used in the manufacture of the product.
  • There is no warning not to open the zipper on the protective outer cover of Casper mattress: Yes, yes, those manufacturers who make this inscription on their mattresses most likely contain fiberglass. After all, they are obligated to warn the buyer of the dangerous consequences.
  • There is an inscription Silica: This fire-resistant material is used as protection in mattresses Casper, and if it is present, then adding fiberglass to it just does not make sense.

Caution! Avoid Fake Casper Mattresses to Save Your Money and Health

I was as surprised as you now. Yes, it turns out that scammers make fake Casper mattresses and do so unscrupulously, adding substandard materials. To avoid fakes, follow these tips:

  • Buy a Casper mattress only from the official site or their Amazon page.
  • Purchase mattresses offline only from official dealers. You can find them here.
Avoid Fake Casper Mattresses

My Experience with Casper Mattress Teardown

There is a lot of contradictory information on the Internet on this subject. In fact, despite the official response of the manufacturer, and video reviews of users on YouTube, there are still people who complain that the mattress Casper contains fiberglass.

Well, I think in this case they are faced with a fake, about which I spoke a little earlier. To get to the truth, I decided a gamble.

My Experience with Casper Mattress Teardown

In order to make sure that Casper mattresses do not contain fiberglass, my cousin and I decided to buy a Casper Original mattress. Here’s what we found inside:

  • After researching the label, the instructions, the box, and all the lettering, we found no mention of fiberglass.
  • Inside only a layer of polyurethane foam, memory foam, and polyurethane base.
  • We found a certification mark CertiPUR-US, which confirms the absence of harmful substances for the body in the composition of the mattress.

For a better understanding of what a mattress is made of and how I suggest you watch the video from the manufacturer. It is no different from what we saw.

So when someone will ask me “Does Casper mattress have fiberglass?“, I confidently will answer that “No, it does not.”

Is Silica Safe in Casper Mattresses?

After all, I have told you can have the questions: “May justly be safe silica in the Casper mattresses?” and “What is it all”?

Silica is a material that is used in mattresses as an alternative to fiberglass. Here are his features:

  • Naturally resists fire
  • Used as a fire retardant
  • Safe and non-toxic material.
Is Silica Safe in Casper Mattresses

Warning! Persons suffering from profuse allergies or asthma may be affected by this material. Therefore, in this case, it is necessary to use products with it with caution.

What Kinds of Mattresses Have Fiberglass in Their Composition?

Due to the dangers of fiberglass mattresses, many companies are abandoning them in favor of safer alternatives. However, there are still manufacturers on the market who use this material in their products.

Of course, the final choice is always yours, but I would advise being careful with these mattresses:

  • No-name cheap mattresses
  • Some Zinus fiberglass mattresses
  • A Few Lucid fiberglass mattresses
  • Some Olee Sleep fiberglass mattresses

Which Mattress Brands Don’t Use Fiberglass?

After a lot of hard work, I studied the reviews and picked out for you which companies other than Casper do not use fiberglass and have never been seen doing anything like this. Let’s take a closer look!

1. Saatva


Saatva mattresses have earned their place at the top of mattress manufacturers thanks to their safety and reliability. They use:

  • All ecological initiatives in their products.
  • Non-toxic materials.
  • Organic cotton mattress cover.
  • Fire retardant layer from wood pulp, organic wool, paladin, and viscose mixed with polyester fiber.

2. Puffy


The mattresses of this brand have also proven to be excellent. They are not only safe but also have next certificates and awards:

  • CertiPUR-US® certificated.
  • Ranked Best Luxury Mattress 2023.
  • Ranked Best Pressure-Relieving Hybrid Mattress 2023.

3. Amerisleep


Amerisleep is an advanced mattress manufacturing company in the U.S. market. The products of this brand are not only safe but also qualitative and practical. Here are a few things I can say about their mattresses:

  • 100% certified mattresses are used in the manufacture.
  • Hypoallergenic mattress covers.
  • They are great for allergy sufferers or people suffering from asthma.
  • Reliability, excellent support, and first-rate comfort – all these describe the mattresses of this brand.

My Best Alternative to the Casper Mattress (100% Fiberglass-Free)

If after reading the article you are still undecided about your opinion about mattresses Сasper, then I suggest you look at the following options. They are absolutely safe, reliable, and 100% fiberglass free.

Casper Sleep Element Mattress

  • Excellent support and body contouring
  • Breathable Foam
  • Planet-Friendly Textiles

TUFT & NEEDLE Original Mattress

  • Cooling Pressure Relief
  • Medium Feel
  • CertiPUR-US certification


Is Casper made with fiberglass?

No, Casper does not use fiberglass in their mattresses. Which is confirmed by the manufacturer. This myth is due to the counterfeiting of these mattresses by third-party companies. So my advice is to beware of fakes.

Is a Casper mattress non-toxic?

Yes, Сasper mattresses are non-toxic, have no fiberglass, and have the appropriate certifications.

What are Casper mattresses made of?

What Casper mattresses are made of depends on the specific model. However, the main component is foam, and the brand uses silica instead of fiberglass as a flame-retardant chemical.

How do I know if my mattress has fiberglass?

You can find out that your mattress contains fiberglass by reading the instructions or after some time of use you may experience the following symptoms: coughing, sneezing, fever, and dizziness.


So after spending a ton of time researching reputable resources, studying user reviews, and contacting the company, I can safely say that mattresses Сasper Do not contain fiberglass.

However, for important safety feature, I urge you to avoid fakes. Also buy products of this brand only from the official website, Amazon store, or a list of recommended dealers.

Have you or someone you know ever suspected that Casper mattresses contain fiberglass? Have you ever had a fiberglass mattress? Share it with us in the comments section.

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