The Best Split King Size Mattress: Reviews 2024


Sleeping with your loved one in the same bed is pleasant and full of excitement most of the time. However, sleeping with someone who tosses and turns all night can make you uncomfortable and worsen the quality of your sleep. You and your significant other may also have different preferences for mattress firmness. For example, if you prefer a softer mattress and he or she is stiffer it will be quite difficult to find a compromise.

Split-top beds have a number of impressive options. For example, they allow you to set the bed according to your personal desires while not causing your partner discomfort. Your sleep will change for the better with adjustable sleeping positions and motion control.
So what are SPLIT beds? These beds are two Twin XL size beds joined together in the middle.

We definitely recommend investing in a split king mattress to improve the quality of your sleep, and therefore your quality of life. So, how do you choose such a bed among the countless options? We will give you some tips on how to choose the best split king mattress, suggest you read our top, and explain why this is exactly what you need.

Editor’s Choice

The Best Split King Size Mattress. Our Top Pick

1. Amerisleep AS5

AS5 Amerisleep. The Best Split King Size Mattress

Type:Memory Foam, Hybrid
Topper Cover Material:Cooling Fabric
Thickness:14 inches

Amerisleep is a leading company in the mattress industry. Its products meet a wide variety of sleeping needs. The AS5 model shown here is our favorite. This is one of the best mattresses for heavy people. It is available in two firmness versions, fully foam or hybrid.

This mattress is ideal for people weighing 230-250 pounds. No matter what sleeping position you choose, on your side, back or stomach, your sleep will be deep and high quality.

The model is made with an innovative Bio-Pur layer, which has a coil-based zoned base and open pores. This design allows the weight to be distributed evenly. The Bio-Pur layer is breathable, thanks to air circulation it prevents the body from overheating, keeping it cool. Spiral System Provides Advanced Spiral System provides pressure point support and consequently reduces sleep pain.

Amerisleep offers a 20-year warranty and a 100-night trial period to make sure this mattress is just what you need.

  • Moderately soft, allowing the body to rest without sagging. Unmatched edge support. Excellent insulation of movements. Good choice for couples.
  • Not suitable for people weighing more than 250 pounds..

2. Amerisleep AS3

AS3 Amerisleep. The best Split King Size Mattress

Type:Memory Foam
Topper Cover Material:Cooling Fabric
Thickness:12 inches

One of the most popular models from Amerisleep is the AS3 mattress. And it is not surprising, because AS3 is the golden mean in the range of hardness. This mattress will not leave you indifferent.

The universal mattress Amerisleep AS3 has a comfortable layer of Bio-Pur foam. This innovative layer helps relieve pressure and has excellent responsiveness. It perfectly follows the contours of the body, allowing the sleeper to fully relax.

The mattress perfectly isolates movements, so you will surely get a good night’s sleep together with your significant other. Amerisleep AS3 is equipped with a breathable cover, which lets the air pass through and lets the body breathe.

Amerisleep gives the AS3 mattress a 20-year warranty. You don’t have to worry if any factory defects are found. The warranty will cover it all. There is also a trial period of 100 nights for the mattress.

  • This mattress is perfect for sleeping on your side. Reduces pressure points in the shoulder and hip area. Great for couples because it isolates movement. Conducts warmth well.
  • Not for those who like firm beds, because there are no springs. People with bellies probably won’t get proper support from this mattress when sleeping.

3. Leesa Original

Leesa Original. The Best Split King Size Mattress

Type:Memory Foam
Topper Cover Material:Breathable Fabric
Thickness:10 inches

The Leesa Original mattress is a one-piece mattress made of high-quality materials. This mattress is very comfortable, due for this reason it is popular among many others. Also, this mattress perfectly meets the price-quality requirements and is one of the budget mattresses, while providing support for the sleeper’s body in any position and with any weight.

The Leesa Original is made with an average 5th stiffness level on the stiffness scale. It has a height of 10 inches, making it easy to pick up a standard sheet for it. Leesa does not contain coils or latex, but the memory foam has a high density of 3.0 and IFD 13 and 9, respectively, making it highly durable and quality.

Leesa Original provides a 10-year warranty and a trial period of 100 nights. The warranty allows you to avoid the hassle of factory defects and also covers the repair of the mattress.

  • Good for relieving pressure points. Perfect for sleeping on your side. Moderately soft, which keeps you from sinking into the mattress. Reasonable price.
  • Not suitable for those who like hard mattresses. Not the best choice for people who like to sleep on their stomachs.

4. Ghostbed Natural Mattress

Ghostbed Natural. The Best Split King Size Mattress

Type:Latex and Wool
Topper Cover Material:Cotton
Thickness:12 inches

The GhostBed Natural Mattress is a unique GhostBed mattress model. In it, the manufacturer uses the phenomenal Dunlop latex, which is unsurpassed breathable, cooling, resilient, and very responsive. So with this mattress, you won’t have to sweat, it will keep you cool throughout the night.

The GhostBed Natural Mattress is created with a hybrid design that has both natural latex and wool and pocket coils. The mattress features a quality, non-toxic cover and 100% organic cotton that is incredibly soft and pleasing to the body.

Memory foam mattresses may not release heat, while latex foam is a naturally breathable material, plus the coils at the bottom contribute to exceptional air exchange. The mattress also features a layer of wool to keep you cool, which helps to dissipate heat smoothly and evenly.

The mattress has medium firmness, so it’s soft and comfortable to sleep on. GhostBed offers a 25-year warranty and offers a 101-day trial period for you to make the right decision.

  • Made from quality eco-friendly natural materials. Good heat dissipation, keeping you cool. An excellent choice for fans of combined sleep.
  • Does not perfectly insulate from movement. Thigh support might be insufficient for those who sleep on their stomach.

5. Nest bedding Alexander Hybrid Signature Select

Sparrow. The Best Split King Size Mattress

Topper Cover Material:Cooling Fabric
Thickness:12 inches

The Alexander Signature Hybrid mattress from Nest Bedding is one of the leading mattress models. The mattress consists of a hybrid construction of foam and coils. Users can choose the desired firmness of the mattress for themselves, as it comes in three types: plush, medium, and luxury firmness.

The mattress consists of five layers. The first layer is a quilted cover, the second layer is gel-filled foam, the third layer is Energex™ Temperature Responsive Foam, the fourth layer is SmartFlow Support Foam, and the fifth layer is pocket and base foam support.

The company offers a lifetime warranty on Nest Bedding’s Alexander Signature Hybrid Mattress, as well as a 100-night trial period. The warranty covers any defects related to sagging, marriage, and cover defects.

  • Perfect for sleeping on your back and side. Good isolation of movement, so great for couples. Relieves pressure points. Relieves hip pain.
  • Soft version can retain heat. Heavy and difficult to transport.

6. Ghostbed 3D Matrix

Ghostbed 3D Matrix/ The Best Split King Size Mattres

Type:Gel Memory Foam
Topper Cover Material:Breathable Fabric
Thickness:12 inches

The 3D Matrix Hybrid by GhostBed is a 7-layer hybrid mattress. It is suitable for any sleeping position and physique. The stiffness and transitional layers allow you to change your sleeping position without feeling pressure or pain.

3D Matrix is an innovative mattress from GhostBed, designed to keep you cool at night. For people who suffer from excessive sweating during sleep, this mattress will be a great option.

The GhostBed 3D Matrix has quality support for your back and spine, so it is the best option when
back pain and problems such as arthritis and bursitis.

This mattress is also great for people with normal to overweight. The symbiosis of coils and foam distributes weight evenly and keeps the back in a relaxed, healthy state.

The 3D Matrix is backed by GhostBed’s 25-year warranty. The mattress has a trial period of 101 nights.

  • Perfectly dissipates heat while keeping you cool. Excellent balance of support and comfort. Reduces pressure points.
  • Not ideal for those who like to sleep on their stomach. High enough price.

The Best Split King Size Mattress. Buyer’s Guide

Mattress Type

The material from which the mattress is made is extremely important because it plays a major role in the quality of your sleep.


A hybrid mattress consists of a symbiosis of memory foam or latex and coils. Thanks to this solution, the mattress is moderately firm and provides the necessary support.

Memory Foam

The memory foam is extremely soft, and perfectly follows the contours of the body, reducing pain in the pressure points. Thus ensuring a quality night’s sleep.


This material is very durable and high quality and has become the second most popular material for making mattresses. It has more elastic properties than memory foam.


For fans, cool sleep is not unimportant and the mattress does not make them sweat at night. That’s why you need to pay attention to the cooling properties of plant-based memory foam and coil springs.


Memory mattresses tend to retain heat, so in order to avoid overheating, mattress manufacturers add cooling components to their products such as vegetable oils, gel, copper, and graphite

Plant-based memory foam

This kind of foam is made on the basis of vegetable oils, thanks to which it lets the air pass through and lets the mattress breathe, thereby dissipating the heat. This foam is responsive and its odor is minimal.

Gel memory foam

The manufacturer adds blends or gel beads in the manufacturing process. The gel absorbs heat and dissipates it, thus providing the desired temperature.

Copper or graphite flecks

Copper and graphite are excellent conductors of heat that keep the sleeper from sweating at night. This is why manufacturers add them to their products as well.


The coils of the spring help to ensure air circulation and therefore the cooling of the mattress. The open structure allows for increased airflow.

Sleeping Position

The position during sleep is an integral factor to be considered when choosing a mattress. The position of the body during sleep determines the necessary level of firmness of the mattress for optimal support.

Side sleep position

A mattress of medium hardness is needed to cushion the hips and shoulders, to prevent excessive lowering and deformations of the spinal column, and reduce pressure points.

Back sleep position

To prevent sagging of the hips and to keep the spine comfortable, a mattress of medium hardness is a good choice.

Stomach sleep position

A mattress with medium firmness is also needed to relieve strain on the neck and upper back and to avoid sagging of the hips.

Combination sleepers

In a combination sleep, a medium-firm mattress provides support for the body and reduces pressure points, whether you are lying on your side or on your back.

Bed Base

The Split King Size Mattress is perfect for beds with an adjustable base. These bases can electronically adjust the inclination of the head and feet. Such beds are designed to improve circulation and reduce the risks of apnea and reflux.

Such a base also helps reduce back pain. The bed puts the body in a position of weightlessness. The adjustable bed allows couples to set the bed in their preferred position for everyone. The adjustable base is great to use for reading, and watching tv, and helps your body relax after a busy day or workout.

Why should you choose the Split King Mattress?

1. You and your partner have different tastes in mattresses.
2. There are problems like snoring or apnea.
3. Sensitivity sleep when you feel your partner’s movement.
4. You need personal space at night.
5. Compatible with adjustable beds.

The Split King Size Mattress is the same size as a King Size bed but made up of two twin XL mattresses, spaced closely together.

This mattress allows you to choose a mattress for partners with a preference in firmness for each, which will satisfy sleepers with different sleeping positions and body types.

Split King mattresses are perfect for adjustable beds, which are mostly used by people with health problems. For example, osteoarthritis, back pain, bursitis, and skeletal diseases.

How can you connect Split King mattresses together?

  1. Coupler: Almost all adjustable split king beds have couplers to adjust the space between the mattresses. This helps hold the mattresses together.
  2. Non-slip mattress cover: Using a non-slip mattress cover prevents slippage between mattresses and consequently minimizes the likelihood of a larger gap.
  3. Straps or sheet suspenders: By using mattress straps and sheet suspenders, it is possible to hold the mattresses together.


Buying a mattress is not a simple matter, but with our advice and recommendations, we are sure you will be able to make the right choice.

Don’t forget to pay attention to the firmness of the mattress, the physical needs, and the preferences of your couple. By buying King Size Split mattresses couples will satisfy their different preferences and improve movement control for different sleeping habits.

Leave your comments on what problems have you encountered when buying King Size mattresses?


Does gap filler for Split King Mattress help?

Definitely yes, but there are some nuances of the frame not holding them together. In this case, such a solution won’t help and the mattress needs to be strapped down.

What are the dimensions of a Split King Mattress?

The split sides of the king mattress correspond to the twin XL size, i.e. 38″ x 80″. The sides joined together are 76″ x 80″.

What kind of sheets do you put on a split king bed?

You will need two fitted sheets with straps or elastic bands in size twin XL. You will also need one large sheet on top.

Can you use king sheets on a split king bed?

King and Split king beds are the same sizes, but they are very different beds. A king-size bed is one fitted sheet, while a split king bed requires two fitted sheets for each side.


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