The Best Reading Pillow: Top Picks and Buyer’s Guide 2024

The best reading pillow. Top 7

A pillow is a bed product that is utilized for more than sleeping. Even when you’re laying down on the couch, it’s great having a pillow that lifts your head to give you better TV viewing but nothing beats snuggling a pillow when watching a film.

In any case, it is, the best pillow can determine the quality of your time of relaxation, and those who like to read frequently will realize how much more relaxing the reading experience will be when you are using the correct pillows. Be prepared, readers, and here’s how to choose the best reading pillow that can change your life!

Should You Buy a Reading Pillow?


While you are lying down It is essential to maintain your neck and spine in a posture that is healthy. When you’re sitting, standing, or lying down gravity puts stress on your joints and muscles. A healthy posture is able to distribute the pressure of gravity evenly throughout your body, which helps prevent injury, pain, irregular wear, and other issues.

It isn’t easy to maintain your spine in good posture when you are sitting upright in your bed. Utilizing a headboard on its own or stacked standard pillows can provide inadequate support, leading you to slump or turn in unnatural positions that can cause pressure points and can compress your spine. Along with not providing enough support, standard pillows can change their shape, structure, and firmness when they are constantly placed between you and your headboard.

Reading pillow on the other hand made to ease the strain of being in bed for long lengths of time. The pillows is typically made of foam and shredded foam, high-quality reading pillows help support your spine and mold to your pressure points, which reduces tension on your shoulders, back, and neck. These pillows are designed to accommodate you and your body weight and they are designed to withstand long-term use over a period of time.

There are our top picks of the best reading pillows.

SaleBestseller No. 1
Milliard Reading Pillow with Shredded Memory Foam, Large Adult Backrest with Arms, Back Support for Sitting Up in Bed with Washable Cover (Sit up Pillow)
  • Spill the beans on beanbag cushions and try our soft, luscious foam reading pillows instead. Curl up in bed or on the couch, floor with a good book and relax in our pillow’s arms for comfort and support.
  • Pillow too firm? Pull some stuffing out. Too soft? Put more stuffing in! The accessible foam insert lets you customize your own comfort and extend your pillow’s service life with fresh foam available from Milliard. Shredded memory foam offers many of the same benefits as its solid alternative, but is lighter, airier, and still molds itself to your comfort.
  • Zippered velour outer cover has a convenient carry handle for portability, and is easily removable and machine washable for quick cleanup of spills and stains.
  • Great For: Reading in bed, Curling up on the sofa, Sleeping upright for personal comfort, leg arm and back elevator also works for any sort of bed rest.
  • All Milliard foam products are vacuum-packed for freshness and should be left to expand for at least 24-48 hours to reach full size. CertiPUR certified. Available in Extra Large, Standard and Petite sizes with replacement covers also available.

1. Husband Pillow


Material: Shredded Memory Foam
Cover: Microplush

The microplush backrest reading pillow is soft and fluffy, making it the perfect pillow to relax, lay back or read while watching television. It’s like having a mini-bed which you can lay back while supporting your body.

Husband pillow stuffed with shredded foam, that helps you ease pressure points. Micro plush can make it more comfortable for you to unwind. It is equipped with an integrated pocket in which you can put in your mobile and remote.

Furthermore, the adjustable headboard allows you to relax your neck as much as possible. The model has the ability to zip it up, which lets to remove the foam or add more should you feel that it’s too heavy or not thick enough.

In addition to the 3-year warranty, you also have the option of using it for a period of 100 days before deciding whether it’s a good choice for you. It is also possible to change the cover in case you’re not satisfied with the color.

  • Good back and neck support
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Zipper on the inside allows you to adjust the amount of foam
  • The presence of two pockets for your belongings
  • 3-year warranty
  • Some users note that after opening the package, there was an unpleasant smell for some time.
  • Not enough lumbar support.

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2. WOWMAX Triangular Wedge Reading Pillow


Price: Price not available
Material: Polyurethane
Cover: Corduroy

WOWMAX Triangular Wedge is one of the best reading pillows. In the event that you and your partner like to spend your time watching TV or reading. This bed rest pillow might be exactly what you’re looking for.

The users rave about how fantastic the reading pillow can be used as a headboard, or for added support. They also claim it’s great for support on the daybed or futon because of the variety of sizes available.

It is available in the sizes of a Full, Twin, Queen, King, California King. It is also available in fifteen different colors.

The cover is removable and washable.

  • Excellent neck and back support
  • Ideal as a headboard
  • Different sizes are an option
  • The cover is removable
  • Some users note that the color of the reading pillow does not exactly match the photo

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3. LinenSpa Shredded Foam Reading Pillow


Price: $50.99
Material:Shredded Memory Foam
Cover: Velour

It is filled with memory foam, so it’s ideal for long-lasting and deep support that conforms to your body. It also prevents you from feeling tired. Velour covers come in a variety of colors to complement the decor of your bedroom and personal fashion. It is recommended not to clean it to ensure that it doesn’t cause damage to the material. It is better to spot clean it.

The support for the back is perfect for those who have had some kind of back surgery or procedure. It offers excellent comfort and support. Be aware that in the summer months, the foam inside the reading pillow can cause you to sweat and feel hot sweat.

  • It is a good bed rest pillow, reading pillow, pillow for watching TV, and working on a laptop
  • Three modifications: Standard, X-Large, X-Large with Neck Support
  • Stylish look
  • Some buyers note that the XL size turned out to be too bulky for them
  • Spot clean only

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4. Milliard Reading Pillow


Price: Price not available
Material:Shredded Memory Foam
Cover: Velour

It comes in three sizes: Milliard reading pillow is available in three different sizes, 14-inches small, standard size, and a 24-inch extra-large. The extra-large model comes with a detachable neck roll that adds an additional 6-inches to the overall length. The weight is 11 pounds and comes with the ability to carry it around with a handle.

The foam filling is available by users, allowing them to change or remove portions or all of it in order to personalize the headboard. Milliard is registered with CertiPUR US and certifies that memory foams are non-toxic and safe.

The velour cover with zipper comes with a gray light color and can be removed to be washed by machine or tumble dry at low temperature.

  • An excellent choice for neck and back support
  • Three sizes as an option
  • Detachable neck roll in the extra-large model
  • Machine wash
  • Some chemical smell during the first hours after unpacking
  • Some buyers find it cumbersome and heavy

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5. Xtra-Comfort Bed Wedge Pillow


Price: $59.99
Material:Folding Memory Foam
Cover: Polyester

With its unique wedge-folding design It is the Xtra-Comfort Bed Wedge Pillow can be used for back support, to raise the head or even legs. If seated in a straight position, the flexible wedge reading pillow can serve as a desk-like place to put a computer or book.

The reading pillow’s multi-purpose design features a durable foam inner that is designed to fit different areas that make up the human body. On top of the thick foam is the breathable, removable with a machine-washable cover. The cover comes in a single color beige, neutral.

  • Memory foam with high-density
  • Cover made of machine-washable, removable polyester
  • An adjustable incline can be adjusted for sitting, lying down or elevating legs
  • Design that folds with handle
  • Some users find it difficult to zip out the reading pillow cover
  • Some users find it harsh.

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6. Ziraki Large Plush Shredded Foam Reading Pillow


Price: $25.99
Material:Shredded Polyurethane Foam
Cover: Velour

With a backrest of 18 inches tall and 15 inches in width, this budget-friendly reading pillow made by Ziraki offers plenty of support. Shredded foam fill allowing users to alter the shape of the reading pillow for personal comfort and support.

The luxuriously soft, velour cover isn’t removable. However, the cover is able to be cleaned with an irritant-free fabric and mild detergent. A handy handle that is attached to an upper portion of the backrest allows users to carry this nearly 6-pound reading pillow there they want.

  • Comfortable head, arm, back support
  • Good airflow
  • Cozy & Comfortable Support
  • Comfortable carrying handle
  • Some customers report an unpleasant smell after unpacking the reading pillow
  • It is not gaining shape quickly

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7. ZOEMO Bed Rest Reading Pillow


Price: $69.97
Material:Cotton, Polyester
Cover: Velour Cover

A neck roll with support is an added benefit with the ZOEMO reading pillow. The reinforced, removable neck roll can help users prevent neck pain that may result during prolonged gaming, reading in bed, or watching television. This model comes with 100% cotton filling that can be altered by removing or adding some of the fillings via an opening that is zippered.

The soft velour cover comes in five different colors. The bed rest pillow weighs close to 6 pounds, and it comes with an easy-to-handle for mobility.

  • Good neck, back, and lumbar support
  • Pleasant to the touch case
  • Comfortable while resting and reading in bed, or watching TV
  • Detachable neck roll
  • Some buyers note difficulties in removing the cover
  • Some customers note that the filler contains polyester

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How to Choose the Best Reading Pillow: Buying Guide

To select the ideal reading pillow, take into consideration your personal habits, preferences, and plans for usage. Find out more information on how to select a good reading pillow in our purchasing guide that follows. In our complete guide, we will discuss the benefits of reading pillows and sleeping in before reading, and describe what you should be looking for when choosing the most suitable reading pillow for your needs.

What to Look for in the Best Reading Pillow?

To help narrow your options and choose the ideal reading pillow to suit your needs and lifestyle plans, we’ve laid out the most important aspects below.

Inner Material and Support

Like traditional mattresses, pillows for reading in bed are packed with different materials. Each one offers a different type of support. The most popular kinds of materials used in reading pillows comprise:

Memory Foam

Viscoelastic Polyurethane Foam- commonly referred to as memory foam is a dense and highly elastic material that stretches to the heat and pressure that your body produces. The foam pillows are usually constructed from a single piece of foam, which is used to cradle the head, body, and neck, giving luxurious support, while keeping its shape.

Shredded Memory Foam

While traditional Memory Foam reading pillow is constructed out of solid foam shredded memory foam pillow are lined with tiny fragments of foam. Shreds of foam can move independently within the reading pillow, which allows you to mold its shape to give specific assistance to different parts of the. In comparison to conventional memory foam, shredded pillow reading cushions are soft and more flexible, which means they keep less heat. Some types of shredded foam reading pillows can be adjusted that let you take out or fill them with fillings to alter their loft and firmness.

Microfiber / Polyester fiber

Also known as “microfiber” or “fiberfill” polyester fiber is an artificial substance. It is inexpensive and widely used, this kind of filling is popular among reading and standard pillows. However, these kinds of reading pillows might not provide the same level of support that standard and memory foam reading pillows that are shredded and are generally less durable. durations.

Outer Material

As with that of the fill material, the outside fabric is an important element to be considered when buying a reading pillow. The fabric’s exterior affects comfort as well as durability and the appearance of the pillows. The most sought-after fabric for reading are:

Faux Suede

Also referred to as microfiber suede or micro-suede. Faux-suede is a synthetic product made to resemble suede from animals in both appearance and feel. The sleek, comfortable fabric is strong and tightly weaved in a manner that blocks the stains. Reading pillows made of micro-suede are easy to clean and can generally be cleaned with normal household items.


Velvet is soft and shiny velvet is distinct from other upholstery fabrics, providing readers a luxe appearance. The long-term durability of a velvet reading pillow will depend on the type of fiber Silk velvet is extremely fragile, while mohair velvet and wool velvet are more durable and stain-resistant. Velvety that is made of cotton can be crushed easily and is usually combined with other fibers and polyester to increase durability. Velvet reading pillow typically will require professional maintenance.


Similar to velvet, velour is characterized by a soft and lustrous touch. However, velour is known to be cheaper and is easier to clean, and more stretchy than velvet. Velour covers are preferable over velvet if you intend to use your reading pillow often, or if you have pets or children who are small.


It is typically made of cotton or a blend of cotton the fabric is soft and long-lasting. It’s characterized by ridges running along the length of the material. The ridges give the fabric a unique appearance and feel. However, certain designs could cling to claws and break up in time and make them less suitable to be used by pets. Corduroy covers can be washed in the machine.

Pillow style

There are two main types of reading pillows available currently available on the market:


Also known as “husband pillows”, traditional reading pillows generally have an arm-length backrest and a high backrest. These large, wide pillows usually support the whole upper body, which includes the neck, head, shoulders, spine, as well as arms. Some models are luxurious and have adjustable and removable headrests and neck pillows along with cups and side pockets.


Orthopedic pillows made in a sloping form They are suitable for sleeping as well as reading as well as other activities that require a higher level of. To sleep the wedge pillow is a great option to alleviate the symptoms of medical problems like sleep apnea and acid reflux, back pain as well as poor blood circulation.

The wedge pillows with the highest inclines can be positioned against the headboard to function as a backrest or headrest while seated upright in bed. The majority of wedge pillows are constructed of memory foam although polyfoam variants exist as well. If you’re looking for a wedge pillow you intend to use lying upright in bed ensure you pick one with a steep incline that is the right size to meet your needs.

Colour and pattern

There are many brands that offer reading pillows in a range of styles and colors, and will likely offer one that is suited to your preferences. You should consider choosing a neutral hue that will remain beautiful for many years to come regardless of how your home design and style change.

Added Features

As mentioned previously, certain types of reading pillows – specifically luxurious versions of husband pillows include particular features. These are the features of a reading pillow that you can consider for making your reading, work, or watching a movie more enjoyable:

  • Handle. Larger reading pillows come with a handle at the top that makes them more convenient to move from one place to another location or even repositioning on your mattress.
  • Pockets. Some husband pillow models have side or back pockets to hold items such as your remote, mobile phone or headphones, or even the book.
  • Armrests. Traditional or husband-sized reading pillows typically have armrests.
  • Cup Holders. Husband pillows that have armrests can also have cup holders so that you can sip an alcoholic beverage while sitting.
  • Headrest. Some husband pillow models include the option of a neck roll or headrest to rest your neck and head while you sit upright. In some models, the headrest can be detachable and be removed in order to raise your legs.
  • Removable cover. A lot of husband and wedge pillows models come with a cover that can be removed to make cleaning easier. You can usually buy a new cover to substitute for your old one.
  • Adjustable loft. Husband pillows that are filled with shredded memory foam could come with an adjustable loft. That means it is possible to easily add or remove foam to change its form and firmness. The manufacturers of these pillows could add additional fillings or offer them to purchase.

In addition to the design and features, think about these crucial aspects prior to buying a pillow for reading:

  • Cleaning. As stated the majority of reading pillows have covers that are removable and can be cleaned in standard machines. Others may be cleaned only on a spot or may require a professional cleaning. Additionally, when determining if the cover can be washed take note of whether the pillow can be cleaned with a normal washing machine or if it requires special cleaning.
  • Delivery & Delivery. Make sure that you know the shipping and delivery policies of the reading pillow you’re thinking of buying. If you shop on Amazon be sure to check if the pillow is eligible for two-day free shipping with Prime.
  • Warranty and Returns. Check if you are able to return the reading pillow in case you decide that it’s not the right one for you. If the company provides a trial period be sure to note the length of time you’ll need to try the product before you are able to return it to get a refund. You might also want to read the warranty on the reading pillow to determine the degree of trust the manufacturer has in their product. Knowing the warranty’s terms could be helpful in the event you find a flaw when the return time has ended.


What can I do to clean my reading pillow?

If you are able, buy a reading pillow that has a removable cover. In this case, a cover is usually can be cleaned by your own washing machine. Other pillows that do not have removable covers may require spot cleaning, but cleaning more difficult stains could need professional assistance. Every reading pillow should be supplied with precise guidelines on how to maintain and clean the item.

What is “adjustable loft” mean?

Certain pillows that are filled with various materials like shredded memory foam will allow access to the filling to allow you to take it out to make it less dense or increase it to make it stronger. The term “adjustable loft” is the ability to add or take away the loft you’d like in order to make your pillow smaller or fluffier.

Do reading pillows come with a warranty?

Most have it. We recommend only consider pillows for reading that have a warranty. If possible buy one that comes with a test period. Also known in the form of “sleep trial”, this trial period permits you to utilize your pillow over a specified amount of time. And in the event that you find the product doesn’t meet your expectations, you expected, you can return it to receive the full amount. In terms of the warranty, it’s generally a measure of how strongly the manufacturer will stand behind their product.

Does reading with reading detrimental to the health of your body?

It is contingent on a variety of aspects. For instance, if reading in a dark room with low ambient, can strain the eyes particularly when you’re reading on an electronic reader. Also, you’ll strain your back and neck If you’re not using appropriate support. Reading pillows are a fantastic method to assist your back and neck while you read your book.

How do reading pillows relieve your back pain?

Simply because, once you lean on them, they lift all your weight off and ease the stress off your back and neck. It results in a more comfortable sitting and lounging posture and helps to maintain a healthy spine.

Do I need to choose between elongated or traditional back pillows for support?

It’s entirely up to you. While traditional back support can provide excellent benefits in terms of neck and back support the wedge pillows are ideal for those recovering from back surgery.

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