The Best Mattress for Snoring: Reviews 2024

The Best-Mattresses-for-Snoring

Quality sleep is crucial for maintaining physical and mental health. But, many things can disrupt quality sleep, such as snoring. Snoring can cause problems for those who are unable to fall asleep. Partners of snorers might also have difficulty falling asleep.

Although there are many causes of snoring that you should talk to your doctor about, the main reason for snoring is due to partially blocked airways. Snoring is caused by the vibrating of the soft tissue surrounding the upper airway. Although it is not possible to completely “cure” snoring, there are some adjustments that can be made to reduce or eliminate the sound.

Snoring can’t harm your health in and of itself, but it can point out that you or your partner might be suffering from an illness like sleep apnea. Loud snoring is often associated with sleep apnea, which is a chronic condition characterized by pauses in breathing or shallow breaths. When you have sleep apnea the pauses in your breathing can last for 10 seconds or more. Obesity, large tongue, tonsils, aging can all lead to cause obstructive sleep apnea. People with sleep apnea must use specialist mattresses.

One way to get relief is to find a mattress that offers the right balance of support and comfort. We’ll share some of our top snoring best mattresses and offer an overview of their potential benefits. We will then discuss what you should look for in a mattress to prevent snoring, the top reasons why people snore and offer other possible solutions to ensure that you get a good night’s sleep.

Here are snores and what you can do about them.

Our top pick. 7 Best Mattresses for Snoring

1. Saatva Classic

Saatva Classic. One of the best mattresses for snoring
Price Range: $849-$2,099
Mattress Type: Innerspring
Mattress Firmness: Soft (3) Medium Firm (6), Firm (8)
Mattress Sizes: Twin, Full, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Split King,
California King, Split King, Cal King
Night sleep trial: 180 Nights ($99 Refund Fee)
Limited Warranty: 15-year warranty, Limited

Saatva Classic is the flagship innerspring mattress and the best mattress for snoring, which features a polyfoam Eurotop, dual coil systems, and a memory foam pad lumbar pad. This provides sleepers with plenty of support and pressure relief.

Two coil layers provide excellent breathability. Hypoallergenic cotton covers increase airflow and reduce agitation, which may contribute to snoring.

A plush 3-inch Euro-top made of cotton, memory foam, and polyfoam, relieves pressure on common hot spots like the hips shoulders. To support the lumbar region, the foam layer is placed in the middle of your bed. This helps to promote good sleeping posture. This cushioning and support can make it easier for you to sleep on your side, that often recommended for snoring

Two layers of coils provide bounce support. To limit motion transfer, the top layer contains pocketed coils. The core has hourglass coils. The perimeter of high-density polyfoam increases the support around the edges to enable sleepers to make use of more of the surface.

With 3 firmness levels of firmness scale to choose from, including Plush Soft (3), Luxury Firm (6), or Firm (8) this bed can offer your back the support you need. It’s designed to suit any body types and sleep positions. You can also choose from one of two thicknesses: 11.5 or 14.5 inches.

Saatva Clasic made in the USA. Saatva provides free White Glove delivery. This means that a team will transport the mattress and then install it at no extra cost. Saatva Classic comes with a limited warranty of 15 years and a 180-night trial.

Pros & Cons

  • There are three levels of firmness to choose from
  • Two coil layers increase the bed’s responsiveness and breathability
  • The sleeper can choose side, back or stomach sleeping position
  • Free White Glove delivery
  • It is a great choise for individuals with particular firmness preferences or needs
  • Some users note that after few years of use, the mattress begins to sag
  • Some people complain that delivery times are delayed

2. Original Tuft & Needle

Price Range: $450-$850
Mattress Type: Memory Foam
Mattress Firmness: Medium-Firm (6)
Mattress Sizes: Twin, Full, Twin XL, and Queen California King
Sleep trial: 100 night sleep trial
Warranty: 10 year warranty, Limited

The Tuft & Needle Original Mattress with a balance of affordability and quality is the best mattress for snoring for people who want to save money on accessories such as snoring mouthpieces or pillows.

The all-foam model uses two layers of polyfoam to support the spine and cradle the body. The above-average pressure relief can be beneficial for sleepers who snore. This allows muscles to relax into the mattress and may reduce the likelihood of you shifting into a less comfortable sleep position over the night.

The Tuft & Needle Original Mattress has a 6.5-inch support core made of polyfoam and topped with a 3-inch graphite-infused polyfoam layer. This model is suitable for those who sleep warm but still like the contouring foam.

This medium-firm mattress for side sleepers over 130 pounds, back sleepers and people who sleep in stomach sleep position, and those who are more than 130 lbs. It has a rating of 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale. The foam contours well, but it doesn’t hug too much and returns to its original shape when the user moves.

This bed is more responsive than other foam models and makes it easier to move about on. It may also be beneficial for those with mobility issues or who move frequently during the night.

A 10-year limited warranty is offered on the Tuft & Needle Mattress. To ensure that the mattress fits their needs, the company offers a 100 night sleep trial. Tuft & Needle Mattresses are CertiPUR-US certified.

Pros & Cons

  • Graphite-infused polyfoam that regulates temperature
  • The affordable price point
  • The sleeper can choose any sleeping position
  • Antimicrobial treatment options are available to protect against bacterial growth
  • It is a great choice for people who want sleep with pressure relief but without sinking sensation, sleepers who want an affordable mattress, partners with different body types and/or preferences
  • Some buyers find it not firm enough

3. Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR Cloud

Price Range: $1699-$3,398
Mattress Type: Memory Foam
Mattress Firmness: Medium-Firm (5)
Mattress Sizes: Twin, Twin Long, and Double, Queen, King or California King, Split King
Sleep trial: 90 Nights (30-night requirement)
Limited Warranty: 10 Years, Limited

The TEMPUR-Cloud mattress by Tempur-Pedic has an all-foam construction one the best mattress for snoring that provides exceptional pressure relief and comfort.

A high-density support core of polyfoam supports the two memory foam comfort layers. The foam molds to the body while the support core of high-density polyfoam provides even more support. This combination allows the muscles to relax onto the bed’s surface.

The TEMPUR Cloud may be the most comfortable side sleeper for those who are less than 230 lbs due to its medium (5) firm, close conforming, and close fit. The foam should conform to the body, preventing pressure buildup around the hips and shoulders. This mattress is a great choice for couples with sensitive movements.

The TEMPUR Cloud Mattress includes a 90-nights trial. However, the company asks that the mattress be used for at least 30 nights to allow the body to adjust to the new mattress. The TEMPUR Cloud Mattress comes with a 10-year limited warranty.

Pros & Cons

  • All-foam design provides superior motion isolation
  • Foam layers mold to the body to alleviate pressure points
  • The sleeper can choose any sleeping position
  • Indentation resistance is a strength of durable materials
  • It is a great choice for side sleepers who are less than 230 pounds
  • For some users, the mattress began to sag after a few years.

4. WinkBed

Price Range: $1,049 – $1,849
Type: Innerspring
Mattress Firmness: Medium Soft (4), Medium Firm (6), Firm (7), Firm (8)
Mattress Sizes: Twin, TwinXL, Full, and Queen California King
Night sleep trial: 120 Night (30-night requirement)
Limited Warranty: Forever, Limited

The WinkBed Mattress, the flagship innerspring model, is available in four firmnesses: Soft, Luxury Firm, (6), Firm, (7), and (8). The majority of sleepers need to find the best mattress that suits their sleeping positions and body type. To reduce gravity-induced airway compression, snorers may prefer to sleep on their sides.

The mattress’s foam enhancement adds support in the middle to help keep the spine in a neutral sleep position it helps to eliminate pressure on the hips and shoulders. A reinforced perimeter prevents the edges from sliding and allows for more use of the mattress’s surface.

Gel-infused polyfoam Eurotop is used in the Firm, Luxury Firm, as well as the Soft, Soft, and Firm. The gel-infused polyfoam Eurotop also has zoned pocketed coils. Gel-infused polyfoam can improve temperature neutrality by drawing heat from the body.

The pocketed coils provide bounce, breathability, and targeted support. The Plus is designed for heavier people and features high-density polyfoam with responsive latex and strong coils.

WinkBeds offers a 120-nights trial and a 30-night break-in period to let the body to adjust to the new mattress. WinkBeds backs the mattress with a lifetime limited warranty.

Pros & Cons

  • Reinforced perimeter provides ample edge support
  • There are four firmness options available
  • Proprietary LumbarLayer provides support in the middle of your bed
  • It is a great choice for sleepers who value reinforced edges and people who sleep on their sides
  • Some users found the mattress too soft

5. Amerisleep AS3

Amerisleep AS3. Memory Foam Mattress
Price Range: $1,149 – 2,398
Mattress Type: Memory Foam
Mattress Firmness: Medium-Firm(5)
Mattress Sizes: Twin, TwinXL, Full, Queen, King, California King, Split King.
Night sleep trial: 100 Nights (30-nights trial)
Warranty: 20-year warranty, Limited

Memory foam mattresses are prized for their contouring which can make it easier to sleep on your side. Some models can retain heat, which can be a problem. 

Amerisleep’s Bio-Pur™ Memory Foam is temperature neutral, which avoids the feel of the foam changing with the ambient temperature. Amerisleep AS3 is a combination of breathability and hugging to relieve pressure, but does not trap excessive heat.

In the production of mattresses used Bio-Pur™ memory foam. Bio-Pur™ provides a more eco-friendly and healthy sleep solution with plant-derived materials, which replace much of the petroleum products. The result is good night’s sleep and a healthier home.

Amerisleep AS3 mattress for snoring is a medium (5) all-foam bed. It features a 3-inch memory foam comfort layer and a 2-inch zoned, polyfoam transition layer. This layer helps relieve pressure points and supports good posture. The sleep surface is supported by a 7-inch polyfoam core.

The mattress is protected by a soft cover made of spandex, cotton, and polyester. Combining these materials and the foam’s open cell structure helps to keep heat from getting trapped near the body.

Amerisleep offers an initial 100 night sleep trial. However, new owners must use the bed for at least 30 days. AS3 Mattress comes with a limited warranty of 20 years.

Pros & Cons

  • Memory foam mattress made from plant-based Zoned transition layer
  • The sleeper can choose a back, side, or stomach sleeping position
  • These mattresses are more responsive and breathable than traditional memory foam mattresses
  • Mattress for snoring best for side sleepers for all types of bodies
  • It is a great choise for people who are sensitive to pressure relief, but prefer to sleep hot
  • Users noticed that gas-emitting after unpacking the mattress. But this effect only lasted for a few days.

6. DreamCloud Premier

DreamCloud Premier
Price Range:  $1,398 – 2,298
Mattress Type:  Hybrid
Mattress Firmness: Medium-Firm(6)
Mattress Sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, and California King
Night sleep trial:  365 Nights (30-night requirement)
Warranty:  Lifetime, limited

DreamCloud Premier one of the best mattresses for snoring that provides both durable support and pressure relief is the best for people with back pain. The DreamCloud Premier provides both comfort and alignment.

This mattress’s medium-firm feel (6-inch) is suitable for all types of sleep positions and weights. The DreamCloud Premier is a great choice for couples, as it effectively isolates motion and doesn’t lose responsiveness.

Premier’s hybrid construction consists of a thin layer of polyfoam, 6 inches of coils in pockets, and a reinforced perimeter. Both the edges and sleep surfaces should feel supportive. Three layers of foam are used to create the comfort system. They work together to isolate motion and relieve snoring and pressure.

The mattress is cooler because two of the foam layers are also gel-infused. The topmost layer of the mattress is made from a Euro-top quilted memory foam Eurotop. It feels luxurious and high and help with back pain.

The DreamCloud Premier is 15 inches high, so deep pockets sheets may be required. The mattress’s cover is made of a luxurious, soft, and breathable cashmere mix. Although it performs well in many testing categories, the model does not have the most expensive price tag.

DreamCloud offers a Premier with a lifetime limited warranty as well as a 365-night trial. Free shipping is available to addresses within the United States.

Pros & Cons

  • It is a great choice for multiple body weights of sleepers, couples and hot sleepers
  • Cooling cover and hybrid design keep you cool while you sleep
  • Support core encourages spinal alignment
  • The foam comfort support system absorbs movement
  • Some users have noticed that gases are removed from the mattress after unpacking, but this effect disappears within a few days.

7. Layla Mattress

Layla Mattress. One of the excellent memory foam mattresses
Price Range:  $1,099-$1,699
Mattress Type:  Hybrid
Mattress Firmness:  Reversible Medium Soft (4), Firm (7)
Mattress Sizes: Twin, TwinXL, Full, and Queen California King
Night sleep trial:  120 Nights
Limited Warranty:  Lifetime warranty, Limited

Layla mattress is the best mattress for snoring that is a flippable mattress that can be used at different firmness levels. You can choose from a medium soft side (4) or a firm side (7) of firmness scale, which both have pressure-relieving memory foam. The medium-soft side is best for those who are less than 130 lbs.

The firm side will be more comfortable for those who are 130 – 130 lbs. This mattress is also more breathable than a traditional memory foam mattress.

Layla mattresses harness the conductive qualities of copper to draw heat from the sleeping person. The top layer of copper-infused Memory Foam cushions the body, decreasing pressure points and improving spinal alignment.

To provide zoned support, the medium-soft side features an additional transitional layer using surface modification technology (SMT). Both sides have a strong, high-density foam core between the comfort layers.

The medium-soft side provides a more comfortable feel and helps to prevent motion from transferring across your bed. With a responsive surface and excellent temperature regulation for an all-foam mattress, the firm side also has its advantages.

Layla ships to all 50 US states and Canada. Customers in the contiguous U.S. receive free shipping. Layla also offers a 10-year warranty. It also gives customers 120 nights of trial.

Pros & Cons

  • Copper-infused memory foam mattress amateurs hot sleepers
  • The pressure buildup is relieved by the comfort system
  • Two firmness options available for flippable design
  • Instead of transferring motion, isolate it
  • It is a great choise for those who are looking for a flexible mattress, stomach sleepers, back and side sleepers who feel pressure points
  • Users have not noticed significant drawbacks

How to choose the best mattress for sleeping?

If you are looking for the best mattress that will reduce snoring, make sure it conforms to your body. A supportive, even surface with foam or latex comfort layers that adjusts to the body can help to reduce pressure buildup. This can in turn reduce snoring and encourage side and good posture.

What you should look for in a mattress?

It can be difficult to evaluate every mattress option due to the endless stream of sales jargon. Instead of focusing on the marketing claims, customers should consider their sleeping style, body type, and preferences to choose the right mattress for them. Here are some important things to remember when buying a mattress for snoring.

The Sleeping Position

People who sleep on their stomachs or backs will need more support to maintain a neutral spine position. Therefore, they may prefer a firmer mattress. Stomach or back sleepers will prefer a firmer surface that supports their more sensitive pressure points like their shoulders and hips.

Mattresses that are contoured enough to allow side sleeping may be a benefit for those who snore. This is best position you may to reduce pressure on the throat.

Types of mattresses

Innersprings are made up of a coil core but may have a thin comfort layer. Hybrid mattresses have a coil core, as well as a comfort system that includes foam, latex, or micro coils. Natural, synthetic, and blended latex are all available in latex models. All-foam models are made up of layers of memory foam, polyfoam, and/or latex.

These mattress options may suit sleepers who snore, depending on their preferences, sleep positions, and body type. It is more important to find the right balance between support and conforming than what type of mattress you choose.

High-Quality Materials

By avoiding harsh chemicals, organic, ethically sourced and durable materials can promote better sleep. This may be well worth the extra expense. Hypoallergenic materials may be beneficial to those who suffer from allergies, because one of the most common causes, why people snore, is allergies.

They are more breathable and less likely to irritate. Higher-quality materials can last longer and prevent sinking and sagging over time.

Firmness Level

Side sleeping may be discouraged by a firm bed, while a soft mattress could lead the spine to move more smoothly. Both of these situations may cause to snoring.

Side sleepers who snore prefer soft models that conform to their bodies. Back sleepers and people who sleep in stomach sleep position need firmer options to align their spines.

To reduce snoring and prevent long-term discomfort, make sure your mattress is firm enough to absorb pressure.


There are many mattress options available. However, a queen-size mattress should cost between $1,000 and $2,000 depending on its quality. There are many options available that will be of great quality, however. The price can be affected by materials, quality, and company policies.

Premium materials are recommended for those who want to decrease snoring. Hypoallergenic, high-quality materials can help with snoring. They reduce allergens that could irritate your airway and prevent sagging that could lead to poor sleeping posture.

Although some buyers may shy away from expensive models, they might be more valuable if they last longer and perform better.

Pressure relief

Because of their contouring, beds with latex or foam comfort layers offer greater pressure relief.

For snorers, pressure relief is a key factor. A mattress that supports the entire body can keep the head and neck aligned can reduce pressure on the airways. Side sleeping is best if you have snoring.

Motion Isolation

For couples that are sensitive to their partner’s movements, motion isolation can be beneficial. Motion isolation can also be affected by the type of mattress. Mattresses with foam are more likely to provide motion isolation than innerspring mattresses.

Temperature regulation

Poor temperature regulation in mattresses can trap heat near the body. This can cause discomfort and disrupt sleep.

People who snore may benefit from temperature regulation. Some feel that increased temperature regulation can help them sleep better. Cooler sleeping conditions can stop snoring. The materials of a mattress determine the temperature control. 

Memory foam can trap heat. However, many mattress manufacturers have special cooling features to combat this problem. Coils and latex are more breathable.

Edge Support

By allowing the entire surface of the bed to be used by the sleeper, reinforced edge support can increase the size of the sleeping area. For those who depend on the firmness and edge support for getting in and out, a perforated edge may be a good option.


Models with more contouring are better for those who sleep on their backs or are sensitive to pressure. These surfaces can cradle the body and distribute weight evenly. For those who snore, contouring mattresses may be a good choice because they can support good posture and allow side sleeping. Foam is best known for its ability to conform, but latex or pocketed coils can also.

Which Mattresses are Best for Snoring?

People who snore may have to struggle with finding the right mattress that provides comfort and snoring relief for their partner. There are many mattress options on the market. It can be hard to choose the right bed for you. Although each mattress is different, the majority of mattresses fall within one of four categories.


Hybrid mattresses have a core of coils that is covered by a layer or plusher material like latex or foam. The coils offer sleepers durable support, breathability, and bounce. Additionally, the comfort system reduces pressure and helps with motion transfer.

This mattress is a good choice for anyone who needs support and pressure relieving. Hybrids can be great for couples because they balance bounce and motion isolation. Hybrid models canstop snoring because they support proper spinal alignment, which helps to limit stress on the neck and contour enough to make the side sleeping comfortably.


Innerspring mattresses have a core that supports the coils, just like hybrid mattresses. Innerspring mattresses don’t typically have a thick comfort layer or latex. This can limit their pressure-relieving capabilities.

Snoring sufferers often find it beneficial to sleep on their side. Innerspring models may not offer enough pressure relief to allow for comfortable side sleeping unless the user also uses a mattress topper. Innerspring models can provide the right support and minimal conforming for stomach sleepers and back sleepers who snore.


Foam mattresses are well-known for providing contouring relieves pressure points. All-foam mattresses typically include memory foam, latex, and/or polyfoam. Mattress features that is the right firmness and contouring level for snorers can be beneficial. It should support the neck and prevent sagging, which could lead to snoring.

Foam mattress best for people who sleep on their backs. However, softer versions of foam mattresses may not provide enough support for people who sleep in stomach sleep position or back sleepers. Memory foam can trap heat near the body which can lead to overheating.

Some models are designed to provide more support and/or better airflow. Higher-density foams and foams that are firmer can help with snoring and reduce sinkage. Gel infusions, air channels, and phase change material all have heat retention properties. Certified sleep coach advises people who experience sleep apnea may benefit from using special mattresses. 


Latex mattresses can be made from either synthetic or natural latex. Synthetic latex is made from the sap of rubber trees. Natural latex can be made with the help of chemicals, but synthetic latex can be made using a chemical process that mimics natural latex.

This material is well-known for its durability, breathability, and responsiveness. It conforms well to the body and spreads the weight more evenly than memory foam and polyfoam. This is often referred to as a floating sensation, rather than a hug.

People who snore may benefit from a high-quality latex mattress. Hypoallergenic natural latex mattresses may help reduce allergy-induced sleep apnea. Sleep apnea sufferers may find they feel fatigued and have a lack of refreshing sleep, leading to inadequate energy levels during the day.

They may also experience morning headaches, irritability, and memory loss. This material is also good at regulating temperatures. Latex mattresses are durable and can be quickly returned to its original form when the sleeper moves. It should provide enough targeted support to keep the neck and head from sinking and not aggravate snoring.

Anti-Snoring Devices

Approximately 22 million Americans have sleep apnea and one of two people snore. This means they find it hard to breathe during sleep, which can lead to chronic heart disease and other health problems. Fortunately, it is easy to diagnose and treat with a mouthpiece or sleeping study.

The diagnosis of sleep apnea means your breathing will stop and start repeatedly throughout the night, even if it doesn’t wake you up. This can impact your good night’s sleep quality. That’s why so important to use special mattresses for snoring. Besides mattresses for snoring exist snoring stop sleep devices.

Mouthguards and Anti-Snoring Mouthpieces are designed to give structure to prevent soft tissue from collapsing in the airways and vibrating.

There are two types of anti-snoring lips: tongue retaining devices and mandibular advancements devices (MADs). MADs push the lower jaw forward to open up the airway. TRDs hold the tongue in place to prevent it from blocking your throat. These devices are an inexpensive way to stop snoring and can help you and your partner have a good night’s sleep.

Additional Products to Reduce Snoring

Although anti-snoring mattress best way to reduce or stop snoring many products can be used to help snorers as well as their partners. These products, like pillows and anti-snoring gadgets, are often cheaper than buying a new mattress. This makes them attractive options for people whose mattresses are still in good shape. Many of these products can be combined to offer greater relief for chronic snorers.

Some people who snore find relief by changing their mattress or using a sleeping accessory. However, you should always consult your doctor about any health issues. Professional medical advice is crucial if you suspect that your snoring may be caused by an underlying condition.


Because of the possibility of airway compression, the position and shape of the head and neck aligned play an important role in snoring. Many pillows are made to reduce or stop snoring.

There are many options available for people who snore. These pillows come in different sizes, lofts, firmness levels, and shapes. Some pillows are designed to alleviate snoring and have an automatic snoring response, which means that they will inflate to give extra lift to the person who is snoring. If you are looking for relief from snoring, a pillow made specifically to stop snoring can be an affordable option.

Adjustable bed

An adjustable bed is similar to a pillow that lifts the head to prevent airway compression. An adjustable bed can also lift the upper body and do the best position for snorers to relieve pressure on the throat. You should check to make sure that the adjustable base you are interested in is compatible with your mattress.

While foam, latex, or hybrid mattresses are generally compatible, innerspring mattresses might not compatible with an adjustable base.

Additional features for adjustable beds include USB ports, massage functions, and automatic snoring response. Adjustable beds can be more costly than other snoring solutions and typically cost between $1,000 and $3500. Adjustable beds can provide relief for those who are suffering from snoring.

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