6 Best Foundation For Memory Foam Mattress Reviews 2024

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What is the best foundation for memory foam mattress? The mattress cannot be complete without a foundation for your mattress. A solid foundation elevates the mattress and helps distribute your weight so that it can ensure that you are supported as well as the mattress. The mattress may sag if it is not supported by the proper support.

There are numerous types of foundations, such as bed frames and platform beds, as well as bunkie boards. Box springs used to be a popular option until memory foam mattresses were introduced. A lot of people found that box springs weren’t able to support memory foam mattresses as well as other types of foundations. Box springs remain popular in the present, but they are only suitable for beds with innerspring.

Some mattresses work equally well in a straight line on the floor. However, you might prefer to shield your bed from bacteria, dust mites along with other allergens. These insects can aggravate your allergies and interfere with your sleep.

For the most suitable mattress foundation, choose solid support, with flat or slatted surfaces. Certain brands come with foldable frames to make them easy to transport. Other brands have simple interlocking pieces.

What is a Mattress Foundation?

The mattress foundation is solid wood or metal bed frames, with wood or metal slats laid on the bottom. Mattress foundations are made to increase the height of the bed and support the mattress as well as the body weight.

Most models have footboard and headboard attachments. These can even be put right on top of the flooring.

Why Do You Need a Bed Frame / Mattress Foundation For a Memory Foam Mattress?

One of the main questions that new owners of memory foam mattresses is “Why do I require mattress support at all in the initial thing? Why can’t I just place the mattress directly on the floor?”.

In all actuality, it’s perfectly fine to set your mattress straight on the ground with no need for any support. The mattress will be more effective the more firm and even its base, and you cannot do better than solid flooring.

But, it could also create unique issues. For instance, placing a mattress on the floor will keep it low to the floor, which could make moving out and into the bed a challenge. Additionally, the comforter or duvet could drag on the floor but does nothing to keep it tidy.

If you are planning to save a few bucks and place your new memory foam mattress in the ground, verify to see if the mattress manufacturer is. In some instances, the mattress that is not placed on the right foundation may invalidate the warranty.

Amerisleep Upholstered Bed Frame

Amerisleep Bedframe. Best Foundation For Memory Foam Mattress


  • The mattress foundation design is compatible with the majority of interiors.
  • Wooden slats are a great way to ventilate and cooling for mattresses.
  • The platform is designed to accommodate any kind of mattress.

This Amerisleep Platform Bed is the ideal mattress foundation since it offers the ideal foundation for your mattress. We like the contemporary look of light grey upholstery with solid wood slats and legs. The foundation measures 13 inches and has 5.5 inches of storage under the bed.

The upholstered platform bed can accommodate any mattress that is standard in size. It’s also simple to put together, using no tools and no additional hardware.

This side rails the center support, and the large Slats are all constructed of solid wood. The evenly-spaced slats as well as the side rails help keep the bed in its place and keep it from falling away from the base. The covered-in upholstered fabric provides this frame with an elegant look and is complemented by the headboard.

This foundation is compatible with any type of mattress, however, it is best suited to memory foam, latex, or hybrid beds. Is Amerisleep Upholstered Bed Frame has a one-year guarantee. Customers can also save money by pairing it together with Amerisleep’s premium mattresses.

  • Memory foam made from plants, Bio-Pur(r) is flexible, breathable, and sustainable.
  • All foam layers have been verified through CertiPUR-US(r) that they are free of harmful ingredients and are low in VOC emissions.
  • The ventilated cover is removable that can be machine washed for simple cleaning
  • There are cheaper alternatives available on Amazon however, they are not the same quality.

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Zoma Foundation

Best Foundation For Memory Foam Mattress


  • The frame is easy to put together and slat pack
  • Slatted design improves airflow
  • A modern, sleek style that is suitable for nearly every bedroom

The next item on our list next is next on our list is the Zoma Foundation by the Zoma Sports Mattress brand. It’s designed to go with the memory foam mattresses they sell therefore it will work well with any other memory foam mattress on the market. It’s sleek, modern design and has adjustable legs that allow you to alter its height to suit your requirements.

Zoma’s foundation is simple to put together, and the frame is equipped with a smart corner clip that can snap into place, and the legs can be turned in the right direction. You can utilize this Zoma Foundation in place of an existing Box Spring, or put it on the ground to serve as an additional bed base.

The Zoma Foundation has a 100% wood frame that is solid, meaning that it’s quite durable. The slats that are included in the slat package are made of solid pine and so are the frames. The frame is upholstered in a dark knit polyester to blend into most décor. They also back their frame with a one-year warranty, which guarantees the frame’s durability.

The Zoma Mattress Foundation stands 14.5 inches tall when paired with the legs. The frame is 8.5 inches high, and the legs are another 6 inches.

  • Price competitiveness allows the mattress in the form of a box brand to provide some of the top bargains on the internet.
  • Many cooling features will ensure those who sleep hot will not suffer from sleep interruptions or sweaty nights.
  • Increased pressure relief in the foot and head of the mattress due Zoma’s exclusive sleep technology.
  • Back, side, and combined sleepers will be well rested and awake refreshed.
  • It’s one of the most reliable mattress guarantees available. Zoma will ensure that your back isn’t hurt by the mattress’s weight which has sagging of more than 0.75 inches.
  • Two mattress options are available in moderate firmness.
  • Zoma is a retailer of its own products solely online, and you’re only able to test one before you purchase it.

Vaya Platform Bed

Best Foundation For Memory Foam Mattress


  • No tools are required, and the bed is assembled in just a few minutes.
  • The extra-wide hardwood slats can support mattresses of all kinds.
  • Center support and side rails easily slide into place and form an edging.

It is the Vaya Platform bed is designed to provide the highest level of support while ensuring unparalleled comfort. The massive, heavy wood slats prevent any mattress from becoming sagging ahead of it is time. Its Vaya Platform Bed measures 13 inches high.

The slats may be bigger than normal however, there’s plenty of space for air to move between them and then wick away the heat and moisture. The mattress remains comfortable and cool, while also preventing the growth of mold. Side rails on the bed keep the mattress from sliding.

Although the Vaya Platform is intended specifically for use with Vaya Mattress or the Vaya Mattress as well as the Vaya Hybrid Any mattress can be placed on its sturdy surface. Latex, memory foam traditional innerspring, or hybrid mattresses may all feel at ease on the bed’s surface.

This Vaya Platform Bed comes in twin and twin XL sizes, as well as Queen, full, and California King sizes. Queen-size platform bed cost near $300, include no shipping charges, and come with a 1-year warranty.

  • Vaya promotes its mattresses as appropriate for any sleeping position due to their expertly-crafted combination of support and comfort.
  • Aerated foams as well as a ventilated mattress cover make for a cooler sleeping surface. It is great for those who are hot and need an affordable mattress.
  • Most Vaya mattresses cost under $1000. If you’re looking to improve your bedroom with a luxurious yet firm mattress it is possible to do so without a huge cost.
  • Vaya includes two pillows that come in every queen and king size. One pillow comes with twin and full-size mattresses.
  • The CertiPUR-US(r) certification guarantees that the mattress releases little to any “new scent of the mattress.”
  • A minimalist design means that the mattress isn’t loaded with features, and it does not have an extra layer of transition.
  • Vaya is an online mattress brand and therefore isn’t so well-known as the more popular brands such as Amerisleep as well as Zoma. If you’re considering doing more research, there’s one thing you’ll discover.
  • Vaya offers their mattress on the internet. There are no showrooms, and they haven’t joined with any brick-and-mortar mattress retailers. Some customers don’t like the idea of purchasing online internet-based mattresses they’ve never tested.

Zinus Walter 9-inch High Profile Metal Smart Box Spring

Best Foundation For Memory Foam Mattress


  • Lightweight
  • Non-slip slats
  • Useful to complement existing bed furniture

The Zinus is an alternative to box springs. It’s a portable box-like structure that is set on the ground or along the rails of the bed frame. It’s not equipped with a footboard or head. It is possible to choose between a four-inch, 7.5-inch, or 9-inch profile.

Contrary to the majority of box springs, this mattress foundation features a robust steel construction that gives the foundation long-lasting durability. Foam-padded tape cushioned the joints in steel to ensure quiet use. The slats of the mattress are spaced 2.5 inches apart. They also have an anti-slip surface that is evenly applied to prevent the mattress from slipping about.

The construction of the metal frame facilitates assembly. All required tools are included in the bed frame made of steel. The frame is weighed about 50 pounds, making the sturdy base simple to move.

The Zinus Walter’s intelligent base is available in twin XL, twin full queen, king, and California King sizes. It also comes with a five-year warranty that covers imperfections and defects in the material.

  • Easy to assemble
  • It makes the foam mattress feel more supple
  • None

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Nest Bedding HomeBase

Best Foundation For Memory Foam Mattress


  • Untreated Pinewood
  • Durable Polyester Suede upholstery
  • Slats Covered in Non-Woven Polyester

The customers will be delighted with customers will love Nest Bedding HomeBase mattress foundation with its built-in USB ports. The foundation provides convenience for those who are technologically savvy. It can charge up to two devices per facet of the mattress.

Customers can pick between a low profile and one with a higher profile. The low profile measures 10.5 inches tall and might be more suitable for kids. Its profile measures 13 inches in height. People who are taller may prefer the higher level of the mattress since getting into bed is easier.

We like the fact that both heights are offered at the same price: $419 for a queen-size.

The customers will be impressed by the simple installation. Each side panel is locked at the corner, securing the frame in position. Install the support locks in the middle in the right place, and then spread out the slats of wood that are evenly spaced over the top. The slats have been covered with a non-slip fabric that stops the mattress from sliding away during the night.

Nest Bedding HomeBase Nest Bedding HomeBase is also available in three colors: grey, sand, and black. You might like the greater range of colors available in this foundation compared with other manufacturers. It is also covered by the lifetime warranty which is rare because most foundation warranties last for five years.

  • Wonderful frame
  • Good height
  • Installation is simple and easy to do
  • None

Mellow Ace of Base: Rounded Metal Bed Platform For Memory Foam Mattresses

Best Foundation For Memory Foam Mattress


  • Sound-free, heavy-duty steel construction for more stability and long-lasting
  • Modern, low-profile design that has round corners for added protection when you get out of bed
  • Quick and easy Lock assembly with all the tools needed and put together in a matter of minutes

Modern industrial construction and stunning contemporary design create an Ace of Base Rounded Metal foundation by Mellow an excellent foundation for memory foam and for anyone searching for a solid foundation for their brand new memory foam mattress.

The platform bed is constructed of high-quality steel and coated in a beautiful polished nickel color. The corners are square to provide extra security, and this is a feature that you’ll be sure to love if you’re used too frequently smacking your toe on the bed frame.

The internal structure that is hollow lets you store things underneath the platform and is a fantastic method to make the most of the space available in your bedroom.

The platform arrives at your residence in one box and assembly will take about an hour, or even less because of the easy-to-follow directions, as well as the clever Click2Lock method of assembly. This simple-to-use method requires no tools to assemble. Each piece is securely joined within a matter of seconds, allowing you to put your frame put together with ease and speed.

Since there’s no headboard to be concerned about, you might be capable of moving your foundation without disassembling it. If you do have to take apart your foundation, it falls in a similar way as it is put together.

Mellow is adamant about this steel frame foundation by offering 30 days of no-questions-asked return policy, as well as a five-year warranty. Although there’s no information on their site about or policy, the firm has a good reputation for its customer service. Therefore, it appears that it’s simple to file claims or file returns.

  • Simple to put together
  • Very well-made
  • Strong metal bed frame
  • Very pleased
  • Instructions could have been a bit more simple if that’s what you want.

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The Difference Between a Memory Foam Mattress Foundation and a Box Spring

The box spring can be described as a form of mattress foundation that has a wooden frame filled with springs of steel and covered with material. The innerspring coils are made to absorb shock and assist in supporting the mattress. They are, however, box spring that is not suitable for latex or memory foam mattresses as they do not provide sufficient support. Additionally, steel coils could be able to penetrate the foundation, and cause damage to the memory foam mattress material.

Box spring can also hold more bacteria and dust mites than other foundations. If you are suffering from allergies during the winter months. Box spring can quickly turn into a respiratory nightmare.

Some memory foam mattress foundations, in contrast, do not use steel coils. Instead, they use wooden or metal slats in frames for support. Slats that are placed 3 inches apart can better stand up to the constant wear and tear. There is no need to be concerned about premature sagging, or memory foam mattress damages with other foundations like the platform bed.

Mattress foundations are designed to provide support to the mattress and elevate the mattress. They are available in standard sizes to fit most beds.

Do You Need a Special Platform for a Memory Foam Mattress?

Technically, that you don’t require any particular platform to support your memory foam mattress. Memory foam is extremely adaptable which means that practically any bed frame will serve you perfectly. But, there are some essential factors to be considered when choosing the right foundation for your memory foam mattress.

The first thing you need to consider is the way your mattress is held. For this reason, you can utilize the bed frame foundation, box, or spring. It is also possible to put your memory foam mattress directly with a bed on the floor if you want.

If you’re using an elevated platform with wooden or metal slats they should be spaced at least six to eight inches apart in order to provide sufficient support. If the distance between the slats is too wide from the mattress, it may cause it to sink or get distorted. Not only can this cause your bed to be uncomfortable, but it could cause a warranty void, or even ruin your mattress completely.

If you’re considering using the box spring, take note of how supports horizontally and make sure they’re not more than eight inches. Also, you should ensure that the spring has at least a certain amount of vertical support at the center of the spring to stop it from sagging.

So long as the foundation you select provides sufficient support for your mattress, you can choose which one is the best for you. If support is present and the foundation is strong enough, it will not impact the comfort or quality that your mattress.

If you discover that your foundation isn’t supporting your mattress properly, it isn’t a reason that your mattress has to be thrown away at the dump. It is possible to add more support to your foundation by using wooden slats or an entire chunk of wood.

Types of Foundations for a Memory Foam Mattress

In accordance with the kind of mattress, you have the foundation you choose may be better than others. For instance, some platforms work best with latex or memory foam mattresses. Their flat or slatted surface offers excellent mattress support and helps prevent premature stretching.

Bed Frames

Bed frames are the rectangular structure that is designed to support the mattress. Bed frames are constructed from either metal or wood and comprise an upholstered headboard, footboard along with side rails. They can also feature one bar in the middle for additional support. Bed frames are easy to maintain and usually cost less. Some frames are adjustable to accommodate various sizes of mattresses.

Certain bed frames might have built-in wood or steel slats. However, if they don’t, you might require a foundation for your mattress, according to the kind of mattress you’re using.

Platform Beds

As with bed frames, platform frames for beds are made out of metal or wood. They are constructed of solid foundations or with slats. Wood slats placed 3 inches apart give the same amount of support. Some platforms have a greater height to store under-bed items Some beds may also have built-in drawers.

Platform bases are ideal for latex and memory foam mattresses. The fact that they are able to support them makes the platform base a preferred choice for clients.

Adjustable Beds

Adjustable bed frames are a luxurious option for those willing to spend more. Adjustable beds electronically raise the head and legs and can help alleviate symptoms of some ailments, such as sleep apnea, snoring as well as acid reflux. The user can also place their body in an upright position to reduce pressure build-up. Certain adjustable bases have specific features like lighting for the under-bed along with USB chargers.

Due to their higher cost, they may be a better choice for some people. an alternative foundation. Others believe an adjustable bed is well worth the expense.

Bunkie Boards

Bunkie boards are incredibly thick piece of plywood that is covered in cloth to keep your mattress from sliding. Bunkie boards gained their name because of their original usage as supports in bed bunks. They can also be put on the top of slats or springs to provide more support. Bunkie boards can be positioned right on top of floors.

Can I Use a Memory Foam Mattress Without a Foundation?

The foundation you choose for your mattress is largely an individual choice. The majority of people choose foundations because of a mix of practical and aesthetic motives. First, foundations tend to be elevated, making it simpler to get into or out. Many people prefer a foundation that is higher due to fashion reasons.

There are a few advantages to higher platforms. A lot of tall platforms permit users to utilize the space beneath the mattress to store things that are ideal for anyone who wants to make the most of the space they have.

Platforms for mattresses that are raised also help to increase airflow and allow more airflow to or around the mattress allowing you to rest more cool and comfortable. A mattress without a platform typically has a lower airflow, and therefore more likely to be hot when you sleep.

Additionally, a mattress foundation protects your mattress from falling on the floor. If the space you’re in is damp placing your bed on the floor can result in severe damage.

If none of the advantages of owning an adjustable platform interest you, then opt to not buy one at all and keep your bed on the ground.

Best Foundation For Memory Foam Mattress FAQs

What kind of foundation should I use for a memory foam mattress?

For a mattress made of memory foam is recommended to use a solid or slatted mattress foundation. If you choose a slatted foundation it is recommended that the slats are at least 2.75 inches from each other. If they’re further apart, you’ll have to purchase additional bunkie boards or slats to make a more solid base that will support your memory foam mattress.

What can I put under my memory foam mattress to make it higher?

If you’re looking for a tall mattress (one which is elevated above the floor) then you could make use of the box spring under your memory foam mattress. If you are buying a slatted foundation or building your own, ensure that the slats are approximately three inches apart for a uniform foundation for the mattress.

Is it OK to put a memory foam mattress on a regular box spring?

Actually, it’s not. The act of placing your brand newly purchased memory foam mattress on the top of a box spring is likely to result in it sagging within a couple of years. Additionally, many companies will void the warranty of a mattress if you place the mattress you purchased with memory foam in an unsupported box spring.


The final decision of choosing the most supportive support for the mattress you are using for memory foam is dependent on your individual preferences. Wood and metal provide plenty of support, provided that the support slats are close enough. It is important to verify with the maker of your mattress before you purchase there are some that require you to select a particular type of foundation for your memory foam mattress to be able to fulfill the warranty.

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