30 Best Сhristmas Bedroom Decor Ideas 2022/ 2023

Best Сhristmas Bedroom Decor Ideas

Christmas decor is usually most often thought of as a thing to be used in the home and generally includes everything from the sparkling Christmas tree and lush, verdant garlands covering your mantel. However, why should you limit your festive items to one area? We suggest spreading 30 Best Сhristmas Bedroom Decor Ideas to other parts of your home, too starting at starting with the front door or the front door and expanding into kitchens, kitchens, and bedrooms individually.

Naturally, decorating your personal bedroom is a completely different process instead of adorning a typical space. Some prefer a more extravagant, festive style while others prefer a minimalist, more laid-back version of Christmas. Whatever you prefer the addition of a garland or wreath can definitely bring holiday cheer. We’ve gathered some of the top decorations for the bedroom at Christmas. This is the time of the year!

How to Decorate a Bedroom For Christmas

How to Decorate a Bedroom For Christmas

A cozy Christmas bedroom isn’t as hard as, say, decorating a festive living room. It’s as easy as adding a festive red and plaid comforter or blanket on the bed, a miniature Christmas tree on the nightstand, and throw pillows for your side of the bed or chair! Be simple with your decorating your bedroom for Christmas.

Use these Christmas decorating tips for your guest rooms as well. Do not overdo it – any efforts to create a vibrant Christmas mood are sure to be a hit for your guests!

Here are some highly-rated Amazon items to help you get to begin decorating your bedroom for the holidays!

These easy Christmas decor elements can ensure that your guests are comfortable or to create a little festive cheer that you can enjoy before you fall asleep the night. Of course, when you awake in the morning!

Without further delay, we present our mini guide to decorating your bedroom to celebrate Christmas!

1. Incorporate Soft Blues

Bedrooms with the mint and baby blue-green palette already have a snowy feel taking place, so it’s best not to overdo it. This bedroom by the interior design firm Huff-Dewberry effortlessly blends a winter palette with just a hint of greenery for Christmas.

2. Retro Christmas Bedroom Complete With Santa Pillow As Well As Plaid Blanket

The first idea for decorating your bedroom is to design a retro-themed holiday bedroom. From the classic Santa pillows to the traditional wood wall sign, there are many ways to make a cozy traditional Christmas-themed bedroom.

3. Acress The Rustic Vibe

The holiday season doesn’t have to be obvious. Often the cozy cabin design can bring Christmas cheer as strings of light and evergreen. “A simple branch of pine juniper or magnolia is always the right answer for the extra holiday spirit,” says Roger Higgins of R. Higgins Interiors, the interiors company in this area. “Add a shoestring bow of red satin or velvet for a beautiful, timeless touch.”

4. Add a Touch of Fairy Lights

Twinkling fairy lights are the perfect Christmas decoration for your bedroom. It’s not just a way to add some sparkle and give your room an atmosphere that is festive and atmosphere, but you also can keep them on all year long to create a stunning glow should you want.

Fairy lights are a classic Christmas ornament that has the potential to lift any space to a new level, says Jonathan Warren, director and bed specialist at Time4Sleep. It is a good idea to line them up across one of your headboards or even at the foot of your bed for more impact? Utilizing the apex of your bed, your room, and lighting it with twinkling lights and the transition to your festive space will be a lot easier.’

5. Go Minimalistic

If you’re minimalist, you don’t need to make a statement by going OTT with all the glitz and glamour for the festive season. Annie Selke’s design adds just one elegant garland and a handful of other little pieces of decorations to an otherwise unadorned space while conciliating personal taste with festive spirit.

6. Cozy Christmas Headboard Decor That Includes Holly

Holly is among the cheapest ways to decorate your home for the holidays!

7. Utilise Cushions

Cushions are among the finest tools for styling we have to hand. This is especially true for Christmas too.

In the bedroom, I’d recommend between three to six cushions, based on the size that your mattress. My Christmas-themed style tip on cushions is to change the front row of cushions since they are the main focus of the show. Lucy suggests.

Replace the front cushions to get opulent velvet jewel tones, like a peacock and burnt orange. Velvet that is lavish and luxurious feels festive, however, it’s not a blatantly festive pattern, it’s great for use all through the year.

8. Bring Holiday Blings To Your Footboard

Some prefer the natural look of evergreen while for others, an elegant garland can work. This bedroom design from Frontgate adds additional sparkle and shine to the room. The extravagant garland, coupled with a blue and white color scheme is the ideal way to create a dreamy, snow-covered outdoor view.

9. Christmas-themed Bedding

You cannot have a bedroom decorated for Christmas with no Christmas-themed bedding! This set is simply charming with its Christmas trees and antique automobiles.

10. Red and Green Christmas Bedroom Decor

Open shelving gives plenty of room for Christmas ornaments!

11. Afford Classic Greens

If you’re looking for decorating for Christmas, you cannot choose between the red and green color scheme.

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12. Put a bow on your Headboard

It’s not just to be used for gifts. Make sure to tie your bedroom with string — preferably a huge red, festive one to stand out. “This holiday scheme was created to invoke a vintage feeling,” says Lance Thomas of Thomas Guy Interiors. “We used dramatic drapery, greenery, and classic Christmas colors to bring out the festive spirit.”

13. Play With Patterns

Why settle for one color when you could mix a variety of colors into an exciting holiday design? Some designs by Annie Sloan incorporate various hues including whites and soft pinks, to more festive colors like reds and greens. “Organic, soft touches dressed with warm or white-gold Christmas lights and candles work best,” Sloan says. Sloan. “Even an understated festive scene will bring fairy-tale feelings to your home.”

14. DIY Paper Leaf Garland

Paper leaves made from old books create a beautiful and airy garland to decorate the holiday bedroom. The pastel ornaments attached to it bring it right into the festive season.

15. Gorgeous French Country Christmas Tree Bedroom Decor

White and silver make the ideal upscale decoration for your home during the holiday season.

16. Deck The Bunks

Do you have a guest bedroom that you want to decorate? Make sure to include decorations for the holidays.

17. Coastal Christmas Bedroom Decor

Living on the coast is a great way to enjoy a warm Christmas!

18. Include Bright Red Accents

Flowers in bright red and Christmas-themed mantel decorations create this neutral-toned room to become a riot of Christmas spirit, illuminated by the light of a roaring fire.

19. The Night Before Christmas Sign 

If this poem about Christmas is among your top things about Christmas it’s impossible to miss this rustic sign that hangs on your bed.

20. DIY Window Wreaths For Windows

Gorgeous wreaths of green can easily be turned into Christmas wreaths by following this step-by-step guide. You can create ornaments that look great in your bedroom window.

21. Christmas Sheets

If you’re looking for old-fashioned Christmas sheets for yourself or are looking to bring the holiday spirit to a child’s bedroom These Christmas light sheets will be a perfect choice.

22. North Pole Bed & Breakfast Sign

What a beautiful Christmas-themed sign? It’s perfect for a guest room for the holiday season and will make your guests feel like they’re staying at the comfort of a B&B at The North Pole.

23. DIY Layered Garland

This project is as simple as placing two garlands on top of each other and placing them on the headboard. It’s so simple and beautiful!

24. Scatter Candles All Over The Place

If you’re not interested in bothering yourself with string lighting in your bedroom, consider scattering a selection of candle pillars (LED lit obviously) in order to give a warm glowing glow that illuminates the way.

25. DIY Wall Wreaths for the Wall

This could be the simplest Christmas craft you could ever make! Simply hang a bunch of preserved wreaths made of boxwood over the bed using ribbon and Command Strips And you’re done! A room that is perfect for the holidays.

26. Line A Exposed Beam Garland

If you’re fortunate enough to have the possibility of exposed beams then make the most of the beams! This clean white bedroom employs the frosty sparkle of ferns to add a snow-covered feeling to the room.

27. DIY Christmas Chalkboard

In a child’s room (or for your own home, to give it a fun feel) simply put up a small chalkboard then decorate with festive accents. Instant artwork!

28. Donate The Cheer To The Kids’ Room, Too.

Give your kids more reasons to be excited by putting together exciting Christmas decor in their personal space. The vibrant pompoms and small trees add to the Christmas theme but don’t detract from the space’s vibrant design.

29. Twinkling Star Lights

Every bedroom in the holiday season requires twinkle lights! These lights with a star shape are beautiful, and perfect for hanging on the windows of your bedroom, walls or on an upholstered headboard.

30. DIY Monogrammed Pillow

Make sure you complete the Christmas theme of your bed by making this DIY pillow that comes with a monogram and plenty of Christmas holly.

Best Сhristmas Bedroom Decor Ideas Final Thoughts

Christmas is about spreading joy So why not brighten your dull spaces by grabbing festive ornaments such as Nutcrackers and fashionable Gongs? A theme can help keep your bedroom in line and fresh, however, adding some excitement is guaranteed to bring joy throughout the holiday season.

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