About me


Hi, I’m Laura, and I am a do-it-yourself enthusiast who loves home design, bedding, and different accessories for the house.

I am a Los Angeles native but have resided in Williston, North Dakota for the past 7 years. A mom to two wonderful girls, a sleep coach, a wife to a very busy lawyer, and nap times I enjoy making my home cozy and practical.

Why did I start this blog?

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When I arranged my home, I faced the difficulties of finding and choosing a mattress for the bedroom for our spacious bed, choosing mattresses for my daughters, and for a long time choosing a compact and comfortable futon mattress for the living room.

I’ve researched tons of articles and reviews in order to find ones that actually show you where to look for all the pros and cons when it comes to finding the right mattresses, bedding, and accessories. So many times I have stumbled on articles that did not give a complete picture of things. I want this resource to be your great helper.

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