50 Best Baby Sleep Blogs

Earlier it was believed that babies did not sleep well at night and it was considered the norm. However, time is of the essence and it has been proven that with the right daily routine and some tricks, a child can sleep soundly at night even from infancy.

"The only thing worth stealing is a kiss from a sleeping child."
                                                                                       J. H. Oldham

The Best Baby Sleep Blogs also offer many free guides, books, and instructional videos that will help you forget about restless nighttime sleep.


I’ve looked at many sites to make a selection of the best baby sleep blogs for you. Some of them I have visited often since I was pregnant with my first daughter, and some were recommended by our readers. Each of the blogs I cited is perfectly functional as of this writing.

In these blogs, you will find information not only about baby sleep, but also about breastfeeding, bathing, nutrition, and more, because these are closely related topics and they are also worth reading. Let’s get started!

50 Best Baby Sleep Blogs. Our Top Pick

1. The Sleep Lady Blog

1. The Sleep Lady

The Sleep Lady specializes in soft sleep and helps thousands of parents each year to make their babies’ sleep stronger. 

With an abundance of information, you may be overwhelmed with sleep tips.

Kim West has more than 25 years of helping families provide much-needed rest, so she knows how important it is to learn step-by-step through the blog, guides, and e-books.

On the site, you’ll find resources and tips for parents to help plan their child’s day. After all, your baby’s daily routine plays a direct role in his or her nighttime sleep. In addition to sleep recommendations, you will also be able to read nutritional tips for your baby.

The Sleep Lady is unique in that they are not only dedicated to improving sleep for newborns and infants, but also for older children.

1.1 The Sleep Lady

Kim West is a leading sleep consultant and owner of The Sleep Lady. She is the author of the bestseller THE SLEEP LADY’S GOOD NIGHT, SLEEP TIGHT: Gentle Proven Solutions to Help Your Child Sleep Well and Wake Up Happy with Joanne Kenen.

She is also the author of the “GOOD NIGHT SLEEP TIGHT WORKBOOK” and “52 SLEEP SECRETS FOR BABIES”.

The Sleep Lady Blog Social Networks:

Might interest you: Helpful Tips and Free Guides by The Sleep Lady

2. The Baby Sleep Site Blog

2. The Baby Sleep Site Blog

The top priority at The Baby Sleep Site is to help parents with sleep tips and advice, as well as creating a personalized sleep plan that is sure to promote better quality sleep.

You can find lots of information on the site about baby sleep patterns, newborns’ and toddlers’ sleep, twins’ and multiplies sleep, schedules, kids’ temperament, and night weaning.

The team of The Baby Sleep Site has prepared for you safe sleep tips, free books, and guides such as:

Baby Sleep Facts New Parents Need to Know, Ways to Help Your Children Sleep Through the Night, Common Napping Mistakes – Baby & Toddler Nap Guide, Toddler Sleep Secrets.

You can also read the stories of people who have been helped by them. It’s a great blessing when a baby sleeps peacefully without anxiety all night.

2.1 The Baby Sleep Site Blog

Nicole Johnson is the owner of The Baby Sleep Site. She helped many children and their parents overcome their sleep problems. She has been recognized as a “top sleep consultant” by Tuck.

Nicole is the author of books and guides: “Essential Keys to Your Newborn’s Sleep”, “Mastering Naps & Schedules”, and “The 5-Step System to Better Toddler Sleep”. 

The Baby Sleep Site Social Networks:

Might interest you: Helpful Tips and Guides by The Baby Sleep Blog

3. Taking Cara Babies

Taking Cara Babies

Taking Cara Babies’ online classes and resources offer emotionally empowering, actionable and age-appropriate strategies for getting your baby a quality night’s sleep.

You, the parents, should live a happy life with your baby and not feel angry, frustrated, and exhausted. By concentrating on the tips and recommendations of Taking Cara Babies and putting them into practice you can enjoy the first years of your baby’s life, and importantly a good, healthy sleep.

On the site Taking Cara Babies, you can find recommendations about newborns sleeping with pacifiers, sleep regression at different ages, a safe sleep checklist, signs it’s time to drop a nap, and other helpful info.

3.1 Taking Cara Babies

Since 2013, Cara has been helping parents lay the foundation for healthy sleep – and keep it.

Cara combines the knowledge of a nurse with the heart of a mother. After researching and trying all the strategies on her own baby, she finally found a solution to her sleep problems.

Taking Cara Babies Social Networks:

Might interest you: Helpful Tips by The Taking Cara Babies

4. Huckleberry Blog

4. Huckleberry Blog

When Jessica Toh became a parent, she didn’t expect a baby to wake up every couple of hours, for several years.

The many books she had read were fruitless. And when she discovered that thousands of parents faced this problem, she realized she needed to solve the problem and found ways to do so.

Now Huckleberry Labs is helping a lot of parents feel sleepy and happy again.

On the site, you will find sleep guides and checklists, sleep schedules, and answers to questions such as: “7 Crib safety tips and checklist: A guide to safe sleep”, “How to get your kid to sleep after trick-or-treating”, “3 Reasons why your baby is crying in their sleep: Causes and tips”.

4.1 Huckleberry Blog 2

Jessica Toh. CO-FOUNDER of Huckleberry Blog
Jessica knows how it feels to have a child who doesn’t sleep well and wants to save other people from the agony.

Dr. Seng Toh. CO-FOUNDER of Huckleberry Blog
Seng is that dad who solders a battery onto his kid’s solar-powered toy on a cloudy day.

Huckleberry Blog Social Networks:

Might interest you: Helpful Tips and Guides by Huckleberry Blog

5. Thesleepstore. Sleep Advice Blog

5. Thesleepstore

The Sleep Store was founded as a comprehensive solution to baby sleep problems. It combines a store where you can buy sleeping bags and suits, swaddles, a nursery, sleep aids, sleepwear, and a site with tips on baby sleep and baby care.

The team of the Sleep Store believes that parenting should not be stressful, but enjoyable. And this can be achieved with the right knowledge and accessories because many night awakenings are more about habit than real problems in the child.

We also draw your attention that women due to constant lack of sleep appear postpartum depression, which should not be allowed. Hurry up and go to the site and find out how to prevent the problem.

5.2 Thesleepstore

The Sleep Store is owned by Louise Tanguay and Matt Anderson, parents of Jack, Tom, Ben, and Eddie from Oakland.

The Sleep Store was founded in 2006 to help as a one-stop store for tired parents.

Might interest you: Helpful Tips and Guides by Thesleepstore

6. Possums and Co Blog

6. Possums and Co blog

Possums and Co are leaders in the areas of infant sleep, breastfeeding, and good psycho-emotional well-being for parents. The company has already changed the lives of thousands of families by teaching them how to sleep properly and safely.

On the site, you will find answers to such questions as to how can you reset your circadian clock, how can you get your baby to sleep, has COVID-19 made things worse for baby and parent sleep, e.t.c.

Also, Possums & Co provides medical care through:

  • The Possums Clinic in Brisbane.
  • The Possums Clinic Online.
  • A network of NDC-accredited practitioners offering online or F2F consultations.
  • Online self-help programs for sleep and breastfeeding issues.
  • Parent Hub resources for parents and online groups.
  • Introductory online workshops for health professionals.
6.1 Possums and Co blog

The founder and medical director of Possums and Co are Dr. Pamela Douglas. Possums and Co innovative Neuroprotective Developmental Care program offers a true paradigm shift.

The Possums work has been developed and published over the last 15 years based on the latest research.

Possums and Co Social Networks:

Might interest you: Helpful Tips and Guides by Possums and Co

7. Sleeping Baby Blog

7. Sleep Baby

Brett and Stephanie Parker have created a unique swaddling method with the Zipadee-Zip, which was invented in an attempt to put the little daughter to sleep.

Their site was originally designed as an online store, but later it was filled with useful life hacks and tips for new mothers, which deservedly placed it on our list of top baby sleep blogs.

On the site, you can find answers to such interesting topics as “How to Help Baby Sleep When Teething”, “What’s the Best Sleeping Position for A Gassy Baby”, and “How to get the most out of naptime”, e.t.c. Also, you can buy some exclusive models of the swaddles, zippy freedom, swaddle transition, and pajamas for the age.

7.1 Sleep Baby

Brett and Stephanie Parker are the Sleeping Baby founders.

Sleeping Baby’s brand motto is “Inspiring Dreams One Night at a Time” and that’s how it all started… with one little dream that has since become a reality for their family.

Sleeping Baby Social Networks:

Might interest you: Helpful Tips and Guides by Sleeping Baby Blog

8. Precious Little Sleep

8. Precious little sleep

We definitely recommend this site for reading. Here you will find a lot of useful information about children’s sleep. For convenience, the guides are divided according to the age of the child:

  • 0-3 months
  • 3-6 months
  • 6-9 months
  • 9-12 months
  • toddlers and preschoolers

Alexis Dubief is the author of a lot of podcasts about baby sleep and the book “PRECIOUS LITTLE SLEEP”.

In this book you will find answers to the following questions:
Why is your child awake all night?
How to make your child sleep better? Or even?
What can you do to help your child learn to sleep better today?
What to do if the child wakes up too early?
What is an effective strategy for getting your child to actually sleep through the night?

Also in the, blog you can find some answers related to the health of the baby and his sleep, for example, teething, infant reflux, food allergies, and sleep apnea.

8.1 Precious little sleep

Alexis Dubief is a practicing child sleep consultant and the Precious Little Sleep founder.

She is always happy to receive letters from readers, whether it be praise, criticism, childhood photos, general strange thoughts, or questions.

Precious Little Sleep Social Networks:

Might interest you: Helpful Tips and Guides by Precious Little Sleep

9. Baby Sleep Science

9. Baby Sleep Science

Baby Sleep Science is a treasure trove of valuable information. On the site, you will find webinars, some books, and guides about children’s sleep. The site was created to help parents try to get a restful night’s sleep. Here are the main topics that are covered on the site.

  • Night Sleep
  • Nap Sleep
  • Common Developmental Regressions
  • Other Caregivers and Sleep
  • Sleep Products
  • Sleep Training (5)5 posts
  • Circadian Rhythm Disruptors
  • Common Sleep Disruptors
  • Night Waking
  • Toddler & Preschool
  • Newborn 
  • Toddler & Preschool 
  • Twins & Multiples
  • Daylight Saving Time 
  • Bedtime Problems 
  • Sleep Location
  • Early Waking
  • Travel
  • Illness

Get valuable advice on different moments in the life of your children.

9.1 Baby Sleep Science 2

Erin Flynn-Evans, PHD, MPH, Co-Founder, Sleep Scientist.

Dr. Flynn-Evans worked in the Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital for over 10 years.

9.2 Baby Sleep Science

Meg Casano, BSN, MA, Co-Founder, Team Leader

Meg received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Villanova University and a master’s degree in Biomedical Ethics from Case Western Reserve University.

Baby Sleep Science Social Networks:

Might interest you: Helpful Tips and Guides by Baby Sleep Science

10. Dream Baby Sleep

10. Dream Baby Sleep

If you are faced with the problem of your child’s poor sleep, this site is sure to provide answers to many of your concerns. The site offers not only free information, but also free support, video tutorials, a free book, and the opportunity to sign up for an online sleep course.

The Dream Baby Sleep support and expertise to children aged 4 months to 4 years old. The certified sleep coaches practice (4) gentle sleep training methods, none of which include CIO.

Check & Console
Pick Up Put Down
Chair Method
Silent Return

The Dream Baby Sleep will help you choose a method aligned with your parenting style, cry tolerance, and your baby’s temperament.

10.1 Dream Baby Sleep

Carolynne J. Harvey – the Founder of Dream Baby Sleep

Certified Infant and Toddler Sleep Consultant. Her goal is to give families the gift of healthy sleep.

Dream Baby Sleep Social Networks:

Might interest you: Helpful Tips and Guides by Dream Baby Sleep

11. Little Z’s

Little Z 1

On the blog, you’ll find free guides, articles, tips, podcasts, and you can also join Little Z’s sleep programs.


Training courses:




Little Z’s Social Networks:

Might interest you: Helpful Tips and Free Guides

12. Helping Babies Sleep

Helping Babies Sleep

A great educational blog for young parents with lots of free resources, publications, and tips. Helping Sleep Babies provides free resources such as 30-Second Sleep Quiz, Baby Sleep Chart, Toddler Bedtime Battles, 10 Ways to Help Your Newborn Sleep, How to Dress Your Baby for Winter Sleep, and Tips to Help Your Child Sleep While Traveling.

Helping Babies Sleep Social Networks:

Might interest you: Helpful Tips and Free Guides

13. Wee Bee Dreaming. Pediatric Sleep Consulting

Wee Bee Dreaming 1

In this blog, you will find tips about baby sleep, how to establish a routine, learn how teething affects children’s sleep, learn what sleep regression is, and at what age it occurs. And most importantly, how to help your baby in these situations.

In addition to the many free tips and advice on the site, you can also purchase paid sleep guides, and sleep packages, and choose a personal sleep consultant.

Wee Bee Dreaming Social Networks:

Might interest you: Helpful Tips and Free Guides

14. Wee-Sleep Blog

wee sleep

This blog definitely deserves your attention and deserves to be in our top.

In addition to free articles and guides about baby sleep, you can choose from paid programs – from a 15-minute phone consultation to a consultant’s personal presence in your home.

Wee-Sleep Blog Social Networks:

Might interest you: Helpful Tips and Free Guides

15. Baby Sleep Consultant New Zealand

Baby Sleep Consultant. NZ

Baby Sleep Consultant New Zealand provides a lot of free, useful information about children’s sleep. On the blog, you will find info about sleep training strategies, naps, sleep regressions, baby reflux, newborn sleep, toddler sleep training, wellness, e.t.c.

Also on the site, you can find information about sleep programs for newborns and toddlers, and sleep counseling both at home and over the phone.

Baby Sleep Consultant Social Networks:

Might interest you: Helpful Tips and Free Guides

16. Baby Sleep 101

baby sleep 101

The Baby Sleep 101 blog offers free articles and guides on topics:

  • 4 Month Sleep Regression
  • Baby Sleep
  • Co-Sleeping
  • Daycare and Sleep
  • Daylight Saving Time
  • Feeding Tips
  • Health
  • Nap Transitions
  • Naps
  • Newborn Sleep
  • Nutrition
  • Parenting Advice
  • Preschooler Sleep
  • Sleep Help
  • Sleep Training
  • Sleeping Through the Night
  • Toddler Sleep
  • Transition Tips
  • Travel Tips
  • Wake Times For Children

Baby Sleep 101 Social Networks:

Might interest you: Helpful Tips and Free Guides

17. Just Chill Baby Sleep

Just Cheel Baby Sleep

The blog will tell you about sleep for newborns and toddlers and give tips for young parents about sleeping with a pacifier, sleep transitions, travel, and holiday dreams in the article and video format.

You can also ask for help and get 1:1 counseling and sign up for sleep classes.

Online courses:

  • Early Days & Foundations of Sleep: 0-5 Months
  • Sleep Success: 6-9 Months
  • Sleep Success: 10-18 Months
  • Sleep Success: 19 months – 4 years
  • How To Sleep Better: For Parents

Might interest you: Helpful Tips and Free Guides

18. Marc’s Baby And Children Sleep Blog

Marcs blog

The blog will tell through research how a good night’s sleep for parents and children is closely related to their health. And why it is so important to get your child to sleep at night.

You can also check out baby and children sleep advice for parents, read stories from other parents, listen to lullabies, and have mindful relaxation.

Marc’s Baby and Children Sleep Social Networks:

Might interest you: Helpful Tips and Free Guides

19. The Daddy Sleep Consultant Blog

Daddy Sleep Consultant

This blog contains good articles with step-by-step tips for improving your child’s sleep. You will find articles on the following topics:

  • Baby Sleep
  • Child Sleep Specialist
  • Christmas Sleep
  • Early Wakings
  • Holiday Sleep
  • Infant Sleep Blog
  • Newborn Sleep
  • Nursery Sleep
  • Parent Support
  • Parenting Advice
  • Pre-School Sleep
  • Safe Sleep
  • Sleep Problems
  • Toddler Sleep

The Daddy Sleep Consultant Blog Social Networks:

Might interest you: Helpful Tips and Free Guides

20. Live Love Sleep Blog

live love sleep

The site is a helper for young moms and dads who want to sleep well at home or on the road. In the pages of the blog, you will find tips for newborns as well as for older children.

You can also get advice from a sleep specialist and sign up for the trainings here:

  • Newborn Sleep Training
  • Sleep Training Baby Packages (3-21 Months)
  • Sleep Training Toddler Packages (22 Months+)
  • VIP Sleep Training Baby Experience
  • Adult Sleep Training

Might interest you: Helpful Tips and Free Guides

Gentle Sleep Blog Social Networks:

21. Gentle Sleep Blog

gentle sleep blog

Gentle Sleep Blog Social Networks:

22. Sleep and the City Blog

sleep and the city

Sleep and the City Blog Social Networks:

23. Natalie Willes Baby Sleep Blog

Natalie Willes

Natalie Willes Baby Sleep Blog Social Networks:

24. Baby Sleep Love Blog

baby sleep love blog

Baby Sleep Love Blog Social Networks:

25. Mommywise Blog

momywise blog

26. Baby’s Best Sleep Blog

babys best sleep

27. Hey Sleepy Baby Blog

hey baby sleep blog

Hey Sleepy Baby Blog Social Networks:

28. Little Winks Sleep Blog

little winks

Little Winks Social Networks:

29. Children Sleep Consultant Blog

rebecca michi

30. Bella Luna Family Blog

bella luna blog

Bella Luna Family Blog Social Networks:

31. Well Rested Baby Blog

well rested baby

Well Rested Baby Blog Social Networks:

32. Sleep Love and Happiness Blog

sleep love

This site is a real find for young parents because when a family has a baby, most moms and dads are at a loss.

Here you will find articles about healthy sleep, the basics of safe sleep, tips on how to sleep well with your baby, as well as the main causes your baby doesn’t sleep.

If for some reason you can’t solve your baby’s sleep problem, experts of Sleep Love and Happiness are happy to help you. They offer a free consultation call for your child’s sleep assessment. Try it.

Sleep Love and Happiness Blog Social Networks:

Might interest you: Helpful Tips and Free Guides

33. All the Sleeps

all the sleeps

All the Sleeps Social Networks:

34. Lil Baby Sleep Blog


Lil Baby Sleep Blog Social Networks:

35. Blissful Baby Sleep Blog


Blissful Baby Sleep Coaching with Joanna Clark, provides Guilt-Free, Gentle Sleep Coaching Solutions using proven, evidence-based methods and expert full-service support via Zoom for families all over the USA. No need to ‘cry-it-out. ’She promises no more ‘mommy guilt,’ heartache, or frustration. Over the past decade, Joanna helped thousands of families solve their child’s sleep struggles and finally sleep through the night. 

On the site, you will find a caring, no-judgy space for you to get accurate, proven information to help you and your family including:

  • Informative blog for parents and caregivers with free resources, publications, and tips on topics such as sleep science, parenting, behavioral science, and attachment theory.
  • Videos on ‘hot topics’ from parents that requested sleep support 
  • Free guides such as Newborn Sleep, Sleep Regressions, Ages and Stages Sleep Guides, and more
  • Sleep Success Stories from previous clients
  • An explanation of Joanna’s Gentle Sleep Process and Philosophy
  • Workshops, 1:1 Coaching and Group Coaching opportunities
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Joanna Clark is a Trained and Certified Gentle Sleep Coach, a #1 international bestselling author, and one of the Top 200 Sleep Consultants in the U.S. as recognized by Tuck.

Joanna is part of a worldwide network of sleep coaches who partner with pediatricians, doulas, and lactation specialists to care, and support families.

Blissful Baby Sleep Blog Social Networks:

Might interest you: Helpful Tips and Free Guides

36. Baby Sleep Consultant

baby sleep consultant

37. The Baby Sleep Geek

the baby sleep geek

The Baby Sleep Geek Social Networks:

38. Baby Sleep Dr. Blog

baby sleep dr

Baby Sleep Dr. Social Networks:

39. Violet Sleep Baby Sleep Blog

Violet sleep

Violet Sleep Baby Sleep Geek Social Networks:

40. Baby Sleep Rescue Blog

baby sleep rescue

41. Baby Sleep Answers Blog

baby sleep answers

42. Early Sleep Blog

Early sleep

Sleep Blog Social Networks:

Might interest you: Helpful Tips and Free Guides

43. Sunset Sleep Consulting Blog

Sunset Sleep consulting

Sunset Sleep Consulting Social Networks:

44. Baby Sleep Team Blog

baby sleep team blog

45. Baby Sleep Laboratory

baby sleep laboratory

Baby Sleep Laboratory Social Networks:

46. Baby Sleep Concierge

baby sleep concierge

Baby Sleep Concierge Social Networks:

47. Serene Sleep Blog

serene sleep blog

Serene Sleep Blog Social Networks:

48. Petite Dreamers Blog

petite dreamers blog

Petite Dreamers Blog Social Networks:

49. International Institute of Infant Sleep

international institute

50. Sleep Wise Consulting Blog

sleep wise consulting

The Baby Sleep Geek Social Networks:



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