Does Casper Mattress Have Fiberglass: 3 Important Points to Know

Does Casper Mattress Have Fiberglass

Does Casper mattress have fiberglass? Several dozen these questions have hit my email in recent times. And I can say that the Casper is a reputable, well-established brand. But let’s find out what’s wrong with fiberglass, what dangers this material poses, and whether they really use it in their products! What Fiberglass Is and the … Read more

How to Move a Sleep Number Bed

how to move a sleep number bed

Moving a standard bed requires lifting and transporting the mattress and boxspring wherever you find practical. Similar to a sleep number mattress is quite different, however, it is a breeze and simple if you do it right. Moving the sleep number bed requires taking care to disassemble and pack the internal mattress components in a … Read more

Serta Willowbrook Review: Check Now is it Still Available?

Serta Willowbrook Review

The Serta Willowbrook is a fairly dated model from Serta, which is not easy to find on sale now in its older version. The company does not stand still and has created new modifications. So let’s see what advantages the improved Serta Willowbrook Perfect Sleeper models have received. Serta Willowbrook Perfect Sleeper Mattress Overview Let’s … Read more